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If it didn't die with one shot...you weren't aiming for the head

The Zombie Island of Dr Ned gives you around 5-6 hours of more Borderlands, but only the lesser parts.     

Dude, when did Zoey dye her hair?
The new enviroment and laugh worthy characters and dialogue is what you should be expecting to have this stand out from the original Borderlands
Set after the original's story, the games own Narrator Marcus Kinkaid tells the story of the evil Dr Ned and how he is so not Dr Zed in disguise, in the essence of a bedtime story. 
Right from the start you're given a quick breeze into the humor of the game with the context of the opening and the back-chatting kid Marcus is trying to tell the tale to. 
It's not long of course before you'll find yourself standing in the eerie somber tones of Jakobs Cove, with the haunting music playing smoothly through the dark sky with the just as darkly humorous announcements being gleefully chatted out from a microphone above. 
Brick vs this fella, Clash of The Tanks!
As explained, Zombie Island has a vastly different atmosphere to the dusty scapes of the original Borderlands. To a fault infact since there's only one fast-travel station, so should you decide to quit, you'll always have to treck back from the very beginning. 

Keeping with the positives though, Zombie Island is just as fun as the original, if not more so. Zombies are a common occurrence it seems in most video-game universes. And for good reason, with splatting their guts against the walls and shooting their heads open for their brains to fall out is a charming past time. 
Gearbox has also gone for the basics with their zombies; slow-moving and dimwitted but always overwhelming in their numbers. 
There's even a nice variety of the undead horde for you to have ready some different tactics besides always just aiming for head. 
Theres your standard ''zombie''...zombie, but then you have Defilers which can vomit sticky goo on you which greatly hinders your movement. Suicide zombies that will explode once they get close enough and there's even a few Frankenstein and Wolfman tributes among the Zombie Island enemy roster. 
It definitely gives you the variety with the enemies you'll be able to fill with fire, electricity and acid (still no ice element??) but with the weapons themselves, they've been left for, hopefully, future updates. Still the same assortment of shotguns, rifles and the ect. are available for you lay waste to the undead. There's at least still a hefty amount of weapons to procure throughout your travels in Jakobs Cove, but they're more of what you'de expect. With such a different theme to what the original Borderlands had, it's a shame there was no new weapons added specifically for the undead slayage. 
Even still, this expansion on a whole gives you plenty of new content in terms of what you have come to expect. With plenty of new quests to undertake besides the main quest line and, fortunately, most end with you going against a fare share of boss battles too.  
The main story of it all is surprisingly enjoyable, it's nothing original but it plays with it to that extent that parodying itself becomes mandatory. There's plenty of hilarious conversations to hear from multiple tape-recordings you'll find. Even one referencing the Scooby Doo franchise. 
The games creepy atmosphere paired with its humor makes it feel decidely different overall
It's because of how much shorter, I imagine, as to why the humor really stands out alot more. Nothing in the game is taken too seriously and it's much better off that way and in the end gives you an enjoyable story to play through. 
With that said, the pack offers around 5-6 hours if you plan to complete every quest available, which I would advise considering how many lead to some fun boss battles. 
The RPG elements of it though fall short somewhat. There's no rise to the level-cap but no matter what level you are at, it will scale to have the game at a decent difficulty. Sounds good?
Problem is however, that if you happen to start it at level 50, the leveling up is gone thus taking away some of motivation to carry on. There still exists some new loot to be had but that isn't assured, with you maybe already having a very formidable set of equipment before you even venture into the Cove of Jakobs. 
Playing on a lower level in the middle of the story doesn't work so well either. Heading in at around level 20 and completing the full pack can have you leave at around 25-26. Which will then have the remainder of the story quests in the main game become considerably easier and with most of the loot being too low level for you to even look twice at.   
It's advisable that Zombie Island is played after your first completion, because of the 2nd playthroughs difficulty at least not taking so much a hit. 
Level issues aside, this is still a well built pack for any dedicated Borderland fan. Just don't be expecting anything worth while for your already maxed up uber-character.
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