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Feels Like A Homework Assignment

I love Borderlands.  There is no better feeling then killing a midget with a shotgun.  When a game like Borderlands comes along I feel the need to unlock every achievement in the game.  Sadly however The Underdome has achievements, and that is about the only reward you will get for playing it.  I find myself looking for ways to somehow possibly shorten the time it takes to play this DLC by playing with a friend who is at a lower level.  While playing with friends in this DLC and talking about how bad it is, we came up with some possible ways they could advertise this DLC.   The slogans are as follow ...
The Underdome: It Exists!
The Underdome: Fun? 
The Underdome: You Can Play It! 
The Underdome: Only 800 Points?! 
The Underdome: Not As Bad As Small Pox! 
Now I suppose it's not all bad, you do get a place to stash your weapons, and the opening cut scene was kind of funny.  I also kind of enjoyed the first hour or so of the DLC.  That is The Underdome's main problem.  They took an hours worth of content, and extended it to about twelve hours.

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