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Bosco is one of the main characters in Sam & Max Season One and Season Two, appearing in every episode. He is a paranoid shop seller, who suspects worldwide conspiracies against him. Among others, he suspects The Soda Poppers, The Toy Mafia, Switzerland, his mother, and THEM to be involved. He also is a "masterfull" engineer, having developed the B-Tads & B-Tads part deux security systems to protect his shop in the first episodes of Season One. Also, he provides Sam and Max with a bunch of useful tools in all the episodes from Season One, in exchange for a great sum of money. He uses disguises in the first season, becoming an English, French & Russian guy, a half-elf, and even his own mother. By the end of Season Two he is kidnapped by THEM, and eventually dies and goes to hell. In the last episode, Bosco escapes from hell and returns to his Incovenience Store.

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