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Botan is a brown-furred wild boar and Kyou's pet. Botan says "Puhi" as its speech.

Botan boasts 7 skills. 4 of them are "doll" where it becomes still, "rugby ball" where it curls up and becomes very tough, "massager" where it vibrates, and "pillow" where its belly becomes soft. Its favorite food is okonomiyaki.


Kyou discovered Botan in the rain in a park. It was lost from its parents and Kyou decided to adopt it. Botan became very attached to Kyou. One day, Ryou wanted to give Botan a bath, but the water was too hot and Botan developed a fear for her.


Botan occasionally sneaks into school. Botan was first seen by Tomoya and Youhei at the school gates during a cloudy day. Kyou approached them and explained that it was her pet. She sent Tomoya to escort Botan to her home but it ran off and left Tomoya behind. Tomoya was afraid of Kyou's punishment and tried to avoid her.

Later that day, Nagisa was looking for a boy's puppy and found Botan instead. Tomoya took Botan home.

2 days later, Botan came to school again. Tomoya tried to bully Botan but Kyou threw a dictionary from the 3rd floor. Ryou and Kyou approached Tomoya and Kyou requested Tomoya to hold on to Botan during class.

If Tomoya accepts, Botan farts in class. Kyou thanked Tomoya and bought him juice milkshake. If Tomoya declines, Botan runs wild in Kyou's class.

Fujibayashi Twins' Path

Botan tasted Ryou's first attempt at cooking and fell ill. Kyou gave Botan to Tomoya.

That Saturday, Tomoya found Kyou and Botan in town. She explains Botans 4 skills and how Botan became her pet.

Kyou's path

After one of Tomoya's dates with Ryou, Botan was waiting at the school gates. It brought Tomoya to Kyou who was standing in the rain in the park.

Kappei's path

Kappei found and knocked out Botan. He brought it to Tomoya and voiced his intention to cook it. Ryou and Kyou then approached them. Tomoya was horrified at the prospect of getting beaten up by Kyou. He hides Botan, silenced Kappei and revived Botan. Tomoya then returned Botan to Kyou.

After Story

5 years after the birth of Ushio, she attended the kindergarten where Kyou was teaching. Botan grew enormous and played with the kids of the kindergarten.

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