Help me with a bot problem.

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Help me define what a bot actually is. Bots are most commonly found in multiplayer shooters, or were found in them, and I would absolutely agree that racing games that allow 2 player splitscreen with A.I. racers is an example of bots. However, I don't know if sports games, fighting games, or RPGs with A.I. controlled teammates and opponents qualify as having bots.

I'm going to go through the list and also add some more games that I have, but first I wanted a general consensus of what bots are. If sports games qualify as games that have bots, do we list every single sports game ever made? This seems wrong to me. Also, what do you all think of fighting games under the bot category? I can see something like Super Smash Bros. as having bots, but I wouldn't necessarily lump it into the same fighting game genre as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Does a computer-controlled opponent in a fighting game count? Thanks.

EDIT: The reason I ask is because the wiki shows a ton of fighting games with bots, some sports games, and some RPGS.

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Bots are AIs specifically there to replace what would otherwise be human players.

So no traditional RPG party members are not bots they aren't substituting for an actual human (but there are some multiplayer RPGs that have bots). Most sports games (but not all) would have esentially bots. Computer oponents in fighting games also technically count.

(skimming that list I dont see any offending rpgs)

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@Tennmuerti: Man, I suppose. Uncharted 2 doesn't fit by that definition then, and is listed, so I'll remove it.

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