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Bound By Flame: Bafflingly Awful 5

I'll start this with the most important piece of information: Do not buy this game. It looks ok in screenshots, it sounds ok in descriptions, the quicklook makes it seem pretty ok, it even starts out as a reasonably good game; but HO-LEE-SHIT it takes one of the hardest swings into the toilet I have ever witnessed.Ok, important preface over, the anatomy of the game is this: It's a third person action RPG and from playing it I can tell it's built on the engine and game scaffold that CD Projekt RE...

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A popcorn game without the action 0

One of the more ridiculously designed party members.Bound by Flame takes place in Vertiel, a world slowly falling to the evil of the Ice Lords. Humankind and elfkind are both on the brink of extinction, with the last members of each race joining together to form a very rough, slipshod resistance (made up of elven royal guard, a mercenary group called the Free Blades, and a sect of mages with ulterior motives) in an attempt to fight back. Every day, their numbers shrink and the undead armies of t...

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Feels like a bad Dark Souls 0

The game itself is totally mediocre. The writing is "fine" at best but the combat feel is absolutely terrible. Tries to go for a Dark Souls type style of needing to parry/block/dodge but misses subtle fidelity of controls that make any of the three defensive play-styles feel fluid or easy down to outright not being able to do certain things depending on what battle stance you're in (for example, to dodge you need to be in your "Ranger" stance, to parry in your regular warrior stance).Most impor...

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Like Killing Plants And Zombies? Play Something Else. 0

How often does the opening of a game feature the courageous hero, musclebound and full of bravado, struggling to take out a single enemy? Bound By Flame has a strange dichotomy where cutscenes and gameplay seem don’t seem to convey the same sense of struggle. After a demon find its way into your body as the result of a ritual gone wrong, he often derides the hero as being pitiful, although the game has you slaughter hordes of enemies even without his powers. Of course he’s going to w...

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