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The Bowser Bomb is an object that appeared in 4 Mario Party games that is shaped like Bowser himself.

Mario Party 2

The Bowser Bomb as seen in Mario Party 2.
In Mario Party 2, it appeared in the minigame Bowser's Big Blast. In this game, players must not pick the switch that sets off the bomb. If you do, it starts the timer from 3 and then...BOOM! You're out and the next player picks a switch.

Mario Party 4

The Bowser Bomb as seen in Mario Party 4.
In the 4th Mario Party game, it appeared again but this time it appears in Bowser's Bigger Blast and the rules stayed the same as Mario Party 2: Pick a switch, set it off, BOOM!

Mario Party 5

The Bowser Bomb as seen in Mario Party 5's Head Waiter minigame.
Mario Party 5 introduced the Bowser Bomb that appeared there but this time, it's a bit smaller and it appeared in Head Waiter as an object where you have to pass it back and forth until... BOOM!

Mario Party DS

In Mario Party DS, the bomb appeared in the Short Fuse minigame. In this game, players must blow the fuse to make your opponent get blasted out.

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