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Brad Muir grew up in Michigan and studied computer engineering at the University of Michigan. His first job in games was working as a programmer at Outrage Entertainment. Before joining Double Fine Productions, he also worked a brief stint as a gameplay programmer at Raven Software.

On Double Fine's first two games, Brad worked as a programmer. At Double Fine's two week game jam, (Amnesia Fortnight), which took place during the development of Brutal Legend, Brad and some others came up with the idea for the game Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched). It, and 2 other games were chosen to receive a fully realized development cycle and be released digitally on multiple platforms. Brad was project lead on the full retail version of Iron Brigade.

Brad has become a regular guest at Giant Bomb festivities. Including one of the Giant Bomb 2011 E3 livestreams (aside David Jaffe), as well as making multiple appearances in Thursday Night Throwdown, Quick Looks, and Breaking Brad.

Brad is the project leader on Double Fine's second Kickstarter project, Massive Chalice.

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