Brad Muir Ripped

#1 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

Hey guys, ryan or someone mentioned doing this during today's awesome TNT and i didn't see anyone else do this so i figured i'd take a shot at it.

Let's see some crazy photoshops of Brad Muir on ripped men's bodies and looking VERY manly!

#2 Posted by Kyreo (4600 posts) -

God bless you.

#3 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7099 posts) -


#4 Posted by JayDee (440 posts) -

i love dat dude

#5 Posted by FesteringNeon (2164 posts) -

Is he Cliffy B's little brother?

#6 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -
@bukkookkub said:

Is he Cliffy B's little brother?

It's the head, isn't it?
#7 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -
#8 Posted by evildeadron (830 posts) -

we really doing this, well ok....

#9 Posted by BraveToaster (12589 posts) -
@evildeadron said:

we really doing this, well ok....

That's pretty good.
#10 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -
@thoseposers said:
I don't recall giving anyone permission to use my body like this! 
I feel violated...
#11 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7099 posts) -

@evildeadron said:

we really doing this, well ok....

This is pretty amazing. Brought a tear to my eye.

#12 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

@evildeadron: it's scary yet amazing at the same time!

#13 Posted by evildeadron (830 posts) -

@thoseposers: @MariachiMacabre: @Axxol:

lol i just sent this to Brad

#14 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

@evildeadron: haha good job man you got tim schafer and ryan's approval haha

#15 Posted by B0nd07 (1699 posts) -
#16 Posted by Slurpelve (615 posts) -

I'll got a feeling that this is going to be good.

#17 Posted by JayDee (440 posts) -

brad muir is my favorite video game designer ever. no homo doe like he's so charming and charismatic.

#18 Posted by evildeadron (830 posts) -

@B0nd07 said:

ha ha ha so awesome

#19 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

@B0nd07: haha very nice!

#20 Posted by rmanthorp (4000 posts) -

@B0nd07 said:

So good!

#21 Posted by Daveyo520 (6858 posts) -

More ripped dudes!

#22 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

@Daveyo520 said:

More ripped dudes!
#23 Posted by Castiel (2661 posts) -

Moar homoerotic pics!!!

#24 Posted by DeeGee (2140 posts) -

I would.

#25 Posted by 71Ranchero (2782 posts) -

Were are all the photoshops at? All I see in this thread are actual pictures of Brad's ripped bod.

#26 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

yeah guys i was expecting the GB community to do a bit better than this...

#27 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4827 posts) -

@B0nd07 said:


#28 Posted by evildeadron (830 posts) -
#29 Posted by Thoseposers (788 posts) -

@evildeadron: classy

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