Things that look like Brad Muir

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Someone re-tweeted a comment from the Hack N' Slash quick look, a certain character bears an uncanny resemblance to friend-of-the-site™ Brad Muir:

And here seems like the best and most appropriate place to accumulate similar images and whatnot. Anyone else found any Muir-a-likes?


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Oh I'm just "someone" now. I see how it is.

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Brad Muir always looks so happy. He's like a living happy emote.

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@snide: holy shit you just turned my world upside down

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@snide said:

From this day forward, he shall be known as Brad "Testaclese" Muir.

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@mattyftm Brad "Testeclese" Muir sounds like he is a man of legend because of his testicles. In which case explains his extreme happiness... you know what, im on board!

Team Brad.... Muir!

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@snide said:

You planned this all along, didn't you?

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Why is this not a tumblr blog already?

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My profile picture!

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My profile picture!

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I love this thread

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I sent this to Brad via Twitter a while back.

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@snide: Wow!

I imagine this to be the last place Brad Muir sat down.

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This thread delivers! :D!

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I love this thread

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"This thread makes me feel slightly better than I was feeling before!"

That's my one line review of this thread. Feel free to quote it on the box art.

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This is a tumblr I support.

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Cannot be unseen.

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@danhammett said:

Aaaand I managed to register this before anyone else could. And first thing I did was make the background, header image and sidebar image the smiling Brad Muir picture. It's both terrible and amazing at the same time. I don't know whether to just keep it like that, or change it so it's actually somewhat readable.

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From the smallest critters...

...all the way to the stars.


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This is sort of cheating because I am his Dad! lol \

Bill Muir

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Shut it down, this thread got as good as it's going to get.

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There is no God.

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I'm waiting for Brad to go: "Daaaaad. You're embarrassing me!"

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@billmuir3: Haha, brilliant, you have won the internet :)

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Whoa, this thread just got real.

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Sorry Brad, Sorry Alex

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Two in one. :D

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This is the best thread ever.

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@billmuir3: Wow, just wanted to say we love it every time Brad shows up on the site and he does great work. Well done Mr. Muir!

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