Brad Shoemaker

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Ok so I see that Brad's seductive voice is a huge topic of his profile and on this site, but does anyone else think he sounds like a more laid-back and cooler version of Seth Rogen? It's like a combination of Seth Rogen and some other famous voice that I can't place... Any ideas?

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He and his soothing voice will be missed. I shed a tear each time I think of his terrible, terrible demise.

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What?! I'm thoroughly confused... Maybe I missed something. :/

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@mitchell486 said:
" What?! I'm thoroughly confused... Maybe I missed something. :/ "
Don't mind that, he's just being an idiot, as for the voice likeness I really can't think of anyone.
#5 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Umlike Seth rogans laugh, brads doesn't make me kill a kitten

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Ok I thought he got sh!tcanned or something and I was gonna weep for a second. But I want to say his voice is almost like Seth Rogan if he annunciated his words better but... It's not that. It's someone... Something familiar. It's going to eat at my brain until I figure it out... Argh! :S

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He doesn't sound like a Jew trying to be, funny by... pausing on every, you know, sentence... or... word, in an, attempt to be... funny.

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@HandsomeDead: Even though I laughed, this is bound to piss someone off
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Good night sweet prince.  

#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

I'm not really feeling the Seth Rogen. I've listened to Brad for far more than enough time that he just sort of sounds like Brad to me now.

#11 Posted by AndyPhifer (179 posts) -

Raising a toast to the dearly departed. He will be missed.
#12 Posted by raiz265 (2248 posts) -
@christ0phe said:
" @HandsomeDead: Even though I laughed, this is bound to piss someone off "
He said Jew! 
#13 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

You should hear him sing..."Drools"

#14 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

Alas, poor Bradly! I knew him, mitchell486, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

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#17 Posted by Yummylee (23647 posts) -

Brad's monotones got zero on the Snider X) 
Though Snider's laugh is still without the doubt one of the creepiest I've heard. Like the kind of laugh someone would make as he drowns kittens.

#18 Posted by mitchell486 (132 posts) -

Holy crap I didn't know there was a forum for "Brad Shoemaker"... That is awesome. He really must be able to spawn little kittens playing with yarn when he winks... I'm a true believer now! :D

#19 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

yeah there is a similarity to Seth Rogen's voice ! good find

#20 Posted by bearshamanbro (293 posts) -

Does anyone watch Glory Daze? My wife overheard the Bombcast and thought Brad was the Oracle?

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I sorta dont like Brad on the podcast, the monotone doesn't work without the fucking hilarious facial expressions he does (e.g the beginning of that amazing Wii Party video)
#22 Posted by ShadowVirus (841 posts) -

Brad doesn't sound like Seth Rogan, Seth Rogan sounds like Brad.

#23 Posted by mitchell486 (132 posts) -
@HandsomeDead: Could have just said you aren't a fan of   ellipses. But I suppose your round-about nonchalant passive  aggressive  way of pointing out my flaws works waaaaaaaaaaay better..... You're right and I'm glad I learned my life lesson.  

 Learning is fun! Thanks!

PS - Yes I am well aware the is a very long syllable in that sentence that is not really the proper spelling of the word "way" but, I like the way I used it so therefore it stays, there is no need for you to point that out to me as well. Thanks. 
But to everyone else on the forum, thank you for the proper responses. And the guy who posted above me, but whose name I could not click to add in here, true story about Seth sounding like Brad! Ha so true!
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this isn't a "you should've used search" post but I'm sure about a year and a bit ago there was a thread that asked the same thing?
anyone else remember that?

#25 Posted by mitchell486 (132 posts) -
@Jothel: I was actually searching for one! That's the only reason I started this. I figured it HAD to have come up before, but nay. I could find nothing about it. :\ But I wasn't here a year ago so my word is no good on that subject. :)
#26 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -
@mitchell486: oh yeah don't worry i'm not accusing or anything, it's just its a bit weird that i'm sure this has come up before
#27 Posted by Blair (2559 posts) -
@HandsomeDead said:
" He doesn't sound like a Jew trying to be, funny by... pausing on every, you know, sentence... or... word, in an, attempt to be... funny. "
What exactly do Jews sound like?  What a disgusting comment.
#28 Posted by mitchell486 (132 posts) -
@Jothel: Oh I know! I was just informing you. I feel like we're on the same page saying the same thing but still discussing it... Agree to agree? :) 
 Haha some people choose to belittle others. Eh. Just have to not let it get to you sometimes. :\
#29 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -
@mitchell486: haha got ya, deal...
#30 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -
@mitchell486: Calm down. I was doing a text version of how Seth Rogan speaks on like everything. For someone who says to 'not let it get to you', you seem to get things that aren't even aimed in your direction.
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Don't know if you know, but someone had said the same exact thing a couple of years ago on another thread.
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 Every voice is Brad's voice...

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@Dany said:
" Umlike Seth rogans laugh, brads doesn't make me kill a kitten "
Same here.  I am not a huge fan of Seth Rogen in the least, but I do love Brad.
#34 Posted by Brendan (8820 posts) -

Brad apparently left GB and then died.  Confirmed forever to infinity.  You will be missed Brad..
#35 Posted by Enigma777 (6249 posts) -

It's the sideburns.

#36 Posted by mitchell486 (132 posts) -
@HandsomeDead: I'm sorry. I was having a bad day at work that day. I'm currently dealing with issues with some coworkers and then took it out on you. That was unfair. I'm sorry. I did not mean to be a moron. I will try to work on that. :( Please forgive me... :\ :( 
Also. I would be sad if Brad left GB...
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Billy Bob Thornton. Always thought they sounded similar. Could be due to the fact that I'm European, though, and not all that finely tuned when it comes to southern twangs.

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