Brad visits CO-OP

#1 Posted by Weltal (2301 posts) -

Quite a surprise, apparently Brad is this weeks episode of CO-OP. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I figured I should share the joy right away.


#2 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -

CO-OP is awesome. It's the best videogame TV show right now.

#3 Posted by Weltal (2301 posts) -
mracoon said:
"CO-OP is awesome. It's the best videogame TV show right now."
Yeah, it quickly moved up on my list of favorite websites. Now, if we could get the whole Giant Bomb crew on... man, that'd be awesome.

This episode is making me hungry, christ, those bacon wrapped hot dogs sound horribly delicious.
#4 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

That's why I live in San Frantastic!! :p ... for the food and the video games, baby!  For me, it's just a 15 minute Muni ride from the Mission District. 

I hope these guys can stop worry'n about $$$ so much, one day.  They really do deserve better. 

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