Just heard a rumor..

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#51 Posted by Swoxx (2993 posts) -

@Lunar_Aura said:

@imsh_pl said:

@Lunar_Aura said:

@rjayb89 said:

No, he's leaving for hardcore pornography. Sasha Grey was his in.

Get Sasha Grey in the BLLSL The Third!

Haven't you heard yet? She's leaving.

Aw, that's too bad considering she just came.

Literally? Because that's usually when I leave as well

#52 Posted by clstirens (847 posts) -

@PeasantAbuse said:

@clstirens: What thread did you see this rumor in? I think this might have been my fault.

I honestly forgot, and couldn't find it again :(

@Rhaknar said:

i assume this topic was about brad leaving? seems every month one of these pops up

Indeed, it was. I regret not having already been aware of this.

#53 Posted by Trace (3553 posts) -

I assume this was another "Brad's leaving" threads?

Aside from whether this situation was an accident or not, let it be made clear that continuing to spread that silly "Brad's leaving" rumor, since it's only really worth trolling or confusing members not completely in the loop, is a good way to having your forum or chat rights revoked for a while. It's gotten very old, and we're sick of having to deal with it.

Now, I'm going to press a button that closes this thread. Thanks for the understanding!


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