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176256 Siphillis Person Overview added info about hosting bombcast 05/20/15 09:18AM 5 Approved
175308 billmcneal Person Overview edited article 05/13/15 06:26AM 2 Approved
170775 Rejizzle Person Overview Reinstating Brad's position of Anime Editor due to Patrick's departure from the site. 04/05/15 11:50AM 4 Approved
148141 Vitz Person Overview Very minor spelling correction ("aN episode" instead of "a episode"). 12/02/14 11:09AM 1 Approved
147081 chocolaterhinovampire Person Overview 11/23/14 05:22PM 1 Approved
127427 RedTentacle Person Overview 08/07/14 05:00PM 2 Approved
126875 marcusofadown Person Overview Had to include something about the Dangerous Alliance. 08/05/14 12:14PM 8 Approved
126561 TheMasterDS Person Overview I have made this blurb dumb. I love it. 08/04/14 02:29PM 6 Approved
126280 AMyggen Person Overview 08/03/14 03:31PM 5 Approved
122675 ThrashKnight Person Overview Some of this in my view was over the top. No need to mention this numerous times thorough the wiki. 07/20/14 05:44AM 5 Approved
121334 Erik_BJ_ Person Overview 07/13/14 05:16AM 9 Denied
119700 Deusoma Person Overview 07/04/14 03:31PM 2 Approved
118886 rez83 Person Overview This sunject in my view is way overdone on this wiki page. It's repeated far too much, even if in some cases it's made to be funny. 07/01/14 01:55AM 8 Approved
118880 rez83 Person Overview 07/01/14 01:19AM 2 Approved
115299 behardy Person Overview 06/16/14 03:38PM 10 Approved
114514 Balljingo Person Overview I'm kind of surprised no one has added this yet, I randomly just noticed that he has started to say this a lot, particularly during podcasts. 06/14/14 01:09AM 3 Approved
114193 behardy Person Overview 06/12/14 02:03PM 5 Approved
106326 Sluitstripje Person Overview 05/14/14 05:05PM 7 Denied
96172 Hilfemaster Person Overview 03/26/14 01:41PM 9 Approved
93074 Homeslice Person Overview 03/12/14 06:02PM 6 Approved
83478 gla55jAw Person Overview science. 01/23/14 06:49AM 1 Approved
67469 J23 Person Overview Brad hasn't posted to Verbocracy since 2008. He does, however, have a Tumblr, which I have updated the page with as my first wiki edit. 11/07/13 10:57PM 2 Approved
61846 Video_Game_King Person Overview *wry smile* 10/09/13 05:57PM 3 Approved
59875 BagronkeN Person Overview 09/28/13 08:53PM 1 Approved
57890 Sparklykiss Person Overview 09/18/13 12:05PM 2 Approved
53943 ThePickle Person Overview 09/02/13 01:46PM 13 Approved
47401 iMort Person Overview 08/04/13 03:13AM 4 Approved
45900 MariachiMacabre Person Overview Specified his gender. One thing is under name it has his full name. I think it should be his first name because it has Last Name right underneath. 07/29/13 08:10PM 1 Approved
39220 Brad Person Overview 06/28/13 01:46PM 1 Approved
33039 shorap Person Overview Added Brad's "come here, you" quote. 05/30/13 06:42AM 3 Approved
32740 DeadFish Person Overview Comment made on TNT 05/09 05/28/13 12:25PM 2 Approved
29973 meaninoflife42 Person Overview 05/13/13 10:25PM 6 Approved
27721 Gamer_152 Person Overview 05/05/13 10:44AM 5 Approved
21577 Deusoma Person Overview 04/11/13 08:45PM 1 Approved
19446 MACog Person Overview 04/05/13 06:48AM 2 Approved
806 Philip Person Overview 02/12/13 09:51PM 27 Approved

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