A Braid Movie?

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Of all the video games that get made into films I think the story of Braid deserves a movie, I've even picked an actor for the lead. Check out the post I wrote about it [link removed]

What does everyone think? Would Braid make a good movie?

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I imagine Jonathan Blow would wince at the very idea.

So much off Braid 's story is open for interpretation.

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No. Nope. I don't think so.

The brilliance of Braid is the immense feeling of accomplishment it gives you when you crack any of the puzzles. That only happens in an interactive medium. It was conceived as a game, and should remain so.

Not to mention that all of the subtext and atomic bomb stuff was almost completely disconnected from the gameplay and ham-fisted at best.

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For anyone else interested, here it is:

Time to get speculative and call this one early!

With many a video game being made into blockbuster movies such as: Need for Speed, Max Payne, Resident Evil and Prince of Persia (which also involved rewinding time) I think Braid is a definite candidate for the movie treatment.

For those unfamiliar with the video game, Braid is a platform puzzle game that allows you to rewind time. On the surface that’s all well and good but the story running through Braid could make an excellent film.

You play as Tim and travel through strange worlds searching for your princess. Just one problem – the princess isn’t real. In fact non of it is, Tim isn’t a man in a fantasy world. What you experience playing Braid is what the character is going through as Tim (a scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project to create the first atomic bomb) struggles to come to terms with what he has done and the implications. So the fantasy world doesn’t exist and neither does the princess, she represents the bomb.

That being said the film basically writes itself. Our protagonist Tim sets off on an adventure just like the game looking for his love interest, only to find weird and wonderful worlds with strange creatures. These events seem unrelated until near the end of the film a helpful guide (Morgan Freeman?) explains to Tim that it is all in his head, and suddenly things start to make sense… Leading to a climax for the film and a turning point for the character.

Cillian Murphy to play Tim?

And that’s how you come up with a film idea worth millions! Thoughts on the cast? I think Cillian Murphy would make a great Tim.

Also if this film doesn’t get made, I may have to write it myself.

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I'm still holding my breath for Richard Donner Crazy Taxi and John Woo Metroid films

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The reason Braid works is that the simplicity of the game allows them to make a story that withholds key details from the player, upholding the mystery (or the ruse) until the end of the game. I don't see how that would translate well into a well executed movie.

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For what its worth I dont even think Braid is a good video game and looking at its premise I think it'll make a poor movie.

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