Braid Puzzle Help

#1 Posted by Autumn_Thunder (166 posts) -

I promised myself that if I couldn't finish the game on my own I would at least publicly admit it, so here: I have no idea how to get out of this turkey shoot here (Cascade, World 6) after throwing the switch. I think I've spent at least as much time staring blankly here as I have in the entire rest of the game, so I would greatly appreciate the help.

#2 Edited by JackSukeru (6105 posts) -

I think I remember getting stuck there too!

Well...I've fogotten how to solve it so good luck!

Edit: Looking at it, there may be some way to get the ring closer to the cannon.

#3 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4218 posts) -

@Autumn_Thunder: Is that the world where you don't rewind with time, but everything else does? If so, you need to walk between two fireballs, and keep rewinding and playing forward in order to keep in between them.

If that's not the level, then I forgot myself.

#4 Posted by MattyFTM (14609 posts) -

The fun in Braid is solving the puzzles for yourself. If you cheat, that game has got to be the most boring game ever.

#5 Posted by Autumn_Thunder (166 posts) -

Yeah, you're right, and that was true of the first 95% of the game. And there were puzzle pieces that I admit I thought I couldn't get where inspiration suddenly snapped things into place. But there's something about this one, that is just making me geniunely believe that trying to solve it on my own would be like trying to punch a brick wall until it falls down.

#6 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

Hang on I'll just jump back to 2008.

#7 Posted by mandude (2670 posts) -

What the fuck world is that? Are there extra worlds after you complete it?

#8 Posted by bushpusherr (944 posts) -

Without ruining the entire thing, you need to get the ring directly on top of the cannon. I'll leave it to you to figure out how

#9 Posted by Autumn_Thunder (166 posts) -

Thanks, I was wondering if that was even possible. At least I won't be trying stupid things like finding another way out of that room.

#10 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Agreed with others, don't cheat but if you have to, just go to youtube to get a hint & not watch the whole walkthrough that's up for that level. Game gets rough at times but it's well worth finishing it.

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