#1 Posted by Vinnie (1 posts) -

I just finsihed Braid and wow.  What do you guys think?
Did you guys get it straight away?

#2 Posted by LittleBigJono (252 posts) -

Title says it all

#3 Posted by Wholemeal (209 posts) -

Crazy right?!?! Naw i didn't get it straight away, had to read a couple of explanation on the interwebs.

#4 Edited by Where_Am_I (335 posts) -

 I loved it, I liked the actual meaning behind the story... It came off a lot stronger... Even when all the reviews came out they thought it was about a guy stalking a girl
the other thing I loved about the game was the music.... it really puts me in peaceful place... I'll actually listen to it when doing my college work.

#5 Posted by el_tajij (728 posts) -

Pretty good, isn't it!

#6 Posted by JJWeatherman (14591 posts) -

Braid took a bit to sink in on me. I had the instant "Wow" after beating Limbo a few days ago, though. Both of those are amazing in somewhat similar ways.

#7 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1274 posts) -

I guess Braid is supposed to be up to interpretation but I heard about the atomic angle before I played it. So that was cemented in my head the entire time. 
I really enjoyed all the mechanics and some of the puzzles made me feel great when I solved them.

#8 Posted by Khann (2934 posts) -

Braid bored the shit out of me to be completely honest. Never finished it. Maybe I should have.

#9 Posted by StriderNo9 (1161 posts) -

I really thought it was one of the best puzzle games I ever played. At first I didn't like it but a friend of mine came over and we got into it, taking turns on puzzles, and eventually beat it in a day or two. I was really in awe of how well made and different the puzzles were. 

#10 Posted by Riddell (342 posts) -

I got Braid recently with the humble bundle but haven't played it yet. How long do you think it takes to complete?

#11 Edited by Noodles (539 posts) -
@Riddell said:

" I got Braid recently with the humble bundle but haven't played it yet. How long do you think it takes to complete? "

4-5 hours, unless you get stuck on a puzzle for a long time.

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