Epilogue Cloud

#1 Posted by Sideburn (56 posts) -

... What does it do? - It must do something!

#2 Posted by Snuggles (20 posts) -

You mean its there more than just to drive me to suicide?

#3 Posted by DerBonk (107 posts) -

I'm not sure if it does anything, can't imagine what. Then again, I wouldn't have found most stars on my own....

#4 Posted by JMonkeYJ (3 posts) -

i just wanted to resuscitate this thread because this is the only place i can find it being discussed (anywhere else??) and it's driving me crazy. it just can't be there for decoration. the other things that make me suspicious in the epilogue:

- the books that are immune to time manupilation in the first room for seemingly no reason.
- the extra "singing" spot on the far left in the first room
- the extra singing spot in the pit in the 2nd room, since you can't see text from there
- the anti-time aura you keep after getting on the platform in the 4th room

i thought maybe some user time manipulation was in order, so i started fiddling around with the system clock. i did the following:

- set the date to 8/6/2008 this is the date is was released and also the anniversary of the hiroshima A-bomb
- 7/16/2008 the date of the "trinity" first A-bomb test
- some time in 2005 (the earliest year the console goes)
- some time in 2025 (the latest year)

none of these had any apparent effect on the epilogue. side note: just cuz i was trying the A-bomb dates doesn't mean i buy into the princess=bomb theory...i just had no other dates to try!

i have all the stars, but have not completed any time trials. my next step is to start doing the time trials.

any other ideas out there?? i thought the changing the system clock thing seemed really good :-(
#5 Posted by Bennyishere (1685 posts) -

I doubt it'll just magically unveil itself as a new (third?) ending. I believe most of the things you list have been figured out, just check a FAQ. Personally I do not remember, since it's been a while since I finished Braid.

The thing about Braid's story is that it's ambiguous. The bomb theory is there because it makes sense. There are just so many things that point to it in the game. Still, the developer says that's not the whole story. So really, you won't ever get to see concrete evidence of what the story really is about, so you'll have to make up a theory based on your own experience.

#6 Posted by Rowr (5627 posts) -

the cloud is there just to fuck with the people trying to decode the game to much.

#7 Posted by JMonkeYJ (3 posts) -

just for the record, the oddities i mentioned are not addressed in any FAQ i have seen.

i'm not necessarily expecting a 3rd ending, and perhaps the people that talk about these things being there for no reason because Tim doesn't need to obsess anymore are correct, but dammit, i'm still obsessing for now ;-) they just seem so conspicuous.
#8 Posted by TomboDemon (138 posts) -

well i think it must be connected to that floating cloud at the end of a chapter in world 1,
its to the right of the in-chapter puzzle frame that u need to move to get the puzzle piece.
i think it has to be reached by getting the creature over there somehow, but theres no way of doing that to my knowledge

#9 Posted by oraknabo (1459 posts) -
TomboDemon said:
"i think it has to be reached by getting the creature over there somehow"
That cloud moves left very slowly and after an hour or two, reaches a place where it can be reached.
#10 Posted by TomboDemon (138 posts) -
oraknabo said:
"TomboDemon said:
"i think it has to be reached by getting the creature over there somehow"
That cloud moves left very slowly and after an hour or two, reaches a place where it can be reached."
wow thanks tonnes!
#11 Posted by Sideburn (56 posts) -

... So what does the cloud in World 1 do? - More bloody clouds that don't do anything! - Why? Why dammit!?


#12 Posted by Slunks (329 posts) -

I'm personally waiting for the PC version to come out just to see if other sneaky hacking can detect anything with the cloud.

#13 Posted by Corronchilejano (1 posts) -

Just to name something that seems weird to me... have you noticed there are actually 2 clouds there, one imposed over the other? You can faintly see how one is a little bit in front of the other, clearly on the left side.

#14 Posted by Slunks (329 posts) -

Thanks for bumping this thread, as I completely forgot about it!

I checked out the cloud in the level editor for the PC version and didn't come across anything strange involving the cloud. Oh well.

#15 Posted by ziggie (1 posts) -

Hi I just wanted to copy a link for an image I found while researching the Epilogue Cloud. http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/3716/braidshot1200906260429.jpg

It's from the spanish version of the game.

#16 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

Let me get this out, I LOVE this game. That said the one thing that has always annoyed me about Braid is the really esoteric concept. I hate feeling I'm not smart enough to fully appreciate this game.

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