Finally beat Braid.

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I got it when it came out (on XBLA), and I played it on and off from the start. I remember going far enough through each to get to every single level. And just last night I noticed I was almost finished. So I actually finished it. Surprisingly, considering how I thought it would take longer and... it was hard when I played it last! I'm just surprised I finished it. Basically, what I really wanted to say is; the ending is sad... I don't know if I would try and go through it again though.  
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I went back to Braid the other day to see if I could pick up some of the puzzle pieces I haven't got yet and was instantly reminded how mentally challenging that game is. It might be a long time before I complete it.

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Braid's awesome. I beat it in like two days I think. It's funny though because I've come back to it a couple times and I can't for the life of me remember the exact execution of a certain puzzle. It's kinda bugging me now.

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I know what you mean. So I'm just glad I was far enough into it to be motivated to go further. There were so many times I was thinking "-sigh- Damnit! I'm gonna use a freakin' walkthrough soon..." But I never did. So it makes me happy. I would have used one, if I didn't hate walkthroughs or guides. That's also the reason why I probably won't go through it again, since I don't remember how to even do some of them I'm sure.
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I found the ending really interesting and unexpected. While I was playing it I totally didn't pick up on that second layer of social commentary there at all and the whole time reversal deception thing on the final stage was really genius. Tim is a bad bad man...

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It's a great game to go back to and enjoy even if you've already completed it. Trying to remember all of the 'solutions' - especially in the later worlds - is a challenge even for someone who has beaten it before. I still haven't attempted a speed run, but plan to eventually to test my prowess.

If you're looking for a true challenge, try to unlock the 8 secret stars!

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The only thing I haven't done in that game is a speed run. I waited a long time to finally play that game though and when I did I found it way easier then I expected and not nearly as good. Braid is alright.

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