Looking to Trade Braid for whatevs...

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I won a copy of Braid during 1 vs 100 and I just got the code this afternoon.  It's a great game and all but I've already got it.  Anyone in a similar situation with a different XBLA game code (or points, whatever really) who wants to swap?  Can you even activate a code sent to a different account?  All offers welcome.  I'm not expecting much so I'll probably take the first offer other than "give it to me for free".  PM or @ me and I'll check it out.  Thanks.

EDIT: I've since given away the code, no more offers.

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I'm waiting for somebody to say "give it to me for free" so I can say it after them.

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I've got a Milky Way bar? Brand new. Willing to ship international if you want?

#4 Posted by Zaapp1 (697 posts) -

Good one...

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I'm going to wish you luck with this attempt, probably because someone might attempt to scam you of a free code. You know, I would consider it, but all of the games I have on my X360 console are either free games, or games I already received a review code for (Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball, War World).

Is it an actual code or download? If it is the latter, the opposite trader would have to download it from an account that you own. I don't think you are honestly going to get an offer, but you could be a very nice person and give it to somebody for free (and I'm not trying to insinuate that person being me, because I want to buy Braid on my own).

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give it to me for free

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@Agnogenic said:
" give it to me for free "
Give it to me. You said you'd take the next offer after this.
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It's a code, sitting in my e-mail inbox from Microsoft.  As for being scammed, I'm placing my faith in the friendly video game community I believe Giant Bomb to be.  But as I said, I'm not expecting much so if I do get scammed, eh...

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You never know with some people, there is always that person out there that will even attempt to scam someone of a ten dollar (I think) game.
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@CowMuffins: "first offer other than" actually.  Saying it again, even in different words, does not qualify as "other".
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@Zaapp1: Dang.
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@Zaapp1 said:
" @CowMuffins: "first offer other than" actually.  Saying it again, even in different words, does not qualify as "other". "
How about I offer you thanks and praise, does that qualify as "other" ;) I dont think anyone will be able to offer you a code, most people use them straight away and win them rarely.
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@Pazy: That's a very polite answer, sir, but if I don't get an offer I'm liable to give it to someone on my friend's list. *sits back and waits for scams to roll in*
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How about a Klondike Bar? Or a City of Heroes/villains account!

I don't know what else I have, but I want Braid. I've never played it before and I would like too.

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Shame on all of you for not having Braid in the first place

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@Whisperkill said:

Shame on all of you for not having Braid in the first place

I would have it, but I don't wanna use my moneyz! I need that for many other games coming out very soon that i really want.
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I'll give you a 48 hour gold subscription trial code?

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This thread's over, just gave it to a dude on my friend's list.  Thanks for humoring me everybody.

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