solidocelot's Braid (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Innovation doesn't even Begin to Describe this Indie Gem

Braid is a game not many people have heard about until now, due to a strong marketing push by Microsoft, Braid is finally getting the much needed attention. Braid is developed by Indie developer Jonathan Blow, and boy does he have a story to tell with the Biggest Little Game ever created Braid. Braid is a puzzle platformer much in the same vain as Super Mario Bros. except with a very deep and profound story and of course Puzzles.

The Puzzles in Braid very frankly will probably tear you a new one, but the feeling of accomplishment once you've figured it out is unmatched. Braid's story is also very... Odd, there aren't a lot of video games with stories so  emotional and profound, the story starts of simple enough with the main character simply named Tim trying to find the princess, and as awfully video game  generic as that sounds, it quickly becomes apparent that Braid's story is much darker and all around bleaker than almost any game out there (though i dont wanna spoil anything prepare for a shocking but also deeply emotional ending.

FINAL VERDICT: Braid is well worth the 1200 MP, its easily the most rewarding game on XBLA, at least story wise, the gameplay is as simple as it gets but the Puzzles will have u thinking long after you break your TV in frustration. In the end Braid is a most own for anyone, so quit reading and get lost in Tim's, dark life.


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