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Much more of the same - take this as you will. 0

This is the second brain training title from Dr. Kawashima and as you slot in the cartridge and load it up, you'll think you're playing the wrong game. Why? It looks and sounds like the old game, right down to some of the things Dr. Kawashima says. The only thing that is different in this second Brain Training game is the actual training games and the Sudoku puzzles. Is this a bad thing? Not at all - fans of the first game will love this game too; however there is nothing much here to appeal to ...

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Brain Age 2 Bores Me. 0

Brain Age (and Brain Age 2): It was 5 minutes of drunken Brain Age at Butter in San Francisco that convinced me to buy a DS. I was excited because after years of sucking at video games, here was a game I could be good at! Doing simple math problems as fast as possible! Brilliant! I played Brain Age for a long time until I got bored of the games. Some of them frustrated me (memorizing lists of words) and some just got too easy (3 people leave the house, 2 people go in the house, 5 people up the c...

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Brain Age 2 is Back and Is still the same Brain Age. 0

Brain age 2 is here to train your brain with more brain teaser mini games. This time around it's sightly better, but by just a little bit. Brain age 2 is a sequel to a Edutainment game called brain age, which was popular among adults, and even some teenagers. In the sequel the only two things that have changed basically is the sudoku puzzles and the quantity of mini games. So if you did'nt like the first game at all then stop reading and turn back. If not keep on reading to get the scoop.Brain a...

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Way of the Brain 0

  It is hard to review a game, even more hard to review a Puzzle game. So I just got it and put it in my DS while pondering what kind of madness must this be, even super stars play it (Even if only for 30 seconds on T.V.).  Skipping all the junk I thought I would put in here to make it sound more thoughtful, Brain Age 2 is a great game though sometimes the repetition of it makes you put it own which is kind of the point. To find your Brain Age you take part in a list of challenges randomly (Or n...

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Need a mental workout, check this out. Good kids game too. 0

This little game marries entertainment and education – and therefore is referred to as “edutainment.” How cute. Little brain teasers and exercises stimulate your thought processes and get the wheels turning again, but packaged in mini-game format so you don’t even realize you are … gasp … thinking. And since you’ve probably already wasted a few hours (and brain cells) playing your 360 or PS3, the games really do take a matter of minutes – combined. The idea is that you first set up a profile and...

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