Bravely Default Friend Code Exchange Thread

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@lykos: Thanks, I found that too. I just wasn't sure about the name part since a lot of the posts on here just list their FC. I think I've got it now, thanks for the help!

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Just got the game today.


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My FC: 1375-7369-8390

Please let me know if you add me!

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Here's my FC


PM me if you add me!

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I'll be adding mine after work!

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I need some more peeps


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My friend code is 3222 - 5620 - 7365! Looking for more friends! <3

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My friend code is 5198-3335-3679 if anyone wants to add me. Really having a blast with this game.

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Starting this tomorrow! Friend code is 0903-2753-3237

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Just got it! I'm 5455-9569-2105

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I just finished the demo and am about to download the full game. Add me, at 3539-9807-3831.

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In the process of adding as many duders as my hands will let me, I'll send out PMs shortly. My FC for anyone interested is 4914-3725-7554

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Adding folks now, starting from the end.


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@zlimm: Your FC isn't working. Maybe you mistyped it?

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@lykos: Thanks for heads up, should work now.

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I added a bunch of you and sent you all PMs.

My code is 3110-4678-4914. Please let me know if you add me and I'll add you back!

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My code is 0920 0594 1741. Please add me!

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Just a friendly reminder to everybody, you can only have 20 friends loaded into your Bravely Default in game friends list. When you do go over 20 you are prompted to remove friends until you are back to the 20 friend limit. This is only for adding friends, Im not sure what the City limit of citizens is yet.

(I just had this happen to me)

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Hey all! Throwing my friend code in there if anyones still looking for more bravely default buddies.


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Should've done this the last time everyone was trading friend codes,

So here's mine, please add me when you get a chance


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@birthwild: @solidsnak: @guerrilla_mason: @sanity: @north6: Added you guys as you're the most recent. My friend list is almost full but I can delete a lot of people. If you're interested, add me! I can make room for you. I plan on really digging into this game in the next couple days.

FC: 2492-4313-5245

@guerrilla_mason: Yeah I'm getting invalid for your code too.

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@north6: your code isn't working for me duder.

@sanity: added you back!

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Enjoying the early stages of this game, so I'm adding all of you!

Friend Code: 2466 - 2113 - 7802

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Finally gave into my urges and bought it.

4957 - 3034 - 0685 is my friend code everyone add!

I'll add some people in a bit too.

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