Bravely Default Friend Code Exchange Thread

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Got the game just yesterday, very excited.

I added most of the posters on page 5.

Code: 2809-8169-1655

Name: Dee_James

NNID: F_manS

Add me if you can, Thanks.

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I'm hoping to see what the friend features look like, but I don't know anyone else playing, so this is cool.

My code is:


I'll get to work adding the others in this thread.

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Damn you Bravely, damn addictive and thankfully I get President's Day off.

If anyone wants to add me as a friend here it is, code:


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Added page 6

FC: 3308-4690-2749

Name: Foley

#258 Posted by rotten (6 posts) -

Also added all of page 6

FC: 0576-5543-1227

Name: Phil

Thanks for all you're help in advance!

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Hey there,

Adding people as I go!

Here's my stuff:

Name: pierce

Code: 1263-5484-0212

Added everyone on Page 6 so far.

#265 Posted by Darkstar614 (1098 posts) -

Adding page 5 and 6. Let's keep going!

FC: 4012 - 5261 - 0183

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Adding everyone on this page and page 5. Name - Mike

My FC - 4854 - 6437 - 9352

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I just picked up the game today! My friend code is 3282 3847 3683 and the name is Stinky M. Looking forward to playing!

@superwristbands: @lcawkell: @xenopst: @rentfn: @dragon4234: @darkstar614: @keystone_yinzer: @moltenboron: @neokef: @aphonic: @sayishere: @giantlizardking: @rotten: @nonforma: @kappamerc: @kopake: @meanbeans: @squeeiswin: @owls987: @f_mans

I added all you guys, hopefully some of you still have room!

My wife also is picking it up: her friend code is 5000 2275 6200, named Cadmia. Send me a message if you friend her. She doesn't want me to fill up her friend list with random placeholders... (shrugs)

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I added everyone who came after me on page 5 and everyone who has posted so far on page 6.

Feel free to add me back. My friend code is 0834-1250-6647. I should appear as BHaunted.

#274 Posted by Nasar7 (2598 posts) -

Finally starting this game. I added a bunch of duders from the past few pages. My friend code is 0963-0993-3862.

Name should same as my GB name.

#275 Posted by th3sos (2 posts) -

Just picked up the game. I'll start adding a bunch of people once I get home from work.

My friend code is 4656-6252-9717 for anyone who wants to add me back.

#276 Posted by stevez (2 posts) -

I've added like first 12 peoples of this list :/ doubt they'll see


#277 Posted by Gnorbooth (276 posts) -

Been getting caught up on Page 6 here. Though for anyone else just getting in on it I'll keep my eyes open for anyone after this post and I'll get you added.


#278 Posted by ghostdini85 (13 posts) -

I'm happy i found this post. I'll add most if not all of you. Thanks

My friend code is: 2036-7081-2823.

#279 Posted by JackW (4 posts) -


#280 Posted by UricTheOddball (76 posts) -

One more for the list here - 2363-5798-2452. Still working on it, got about half the jobs so far, most to lvl 9, but still working on it.

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#282 Posted by KickahaOta (142 posts) -

Defaulting duders welcome! I'm currently finishing Chapter 2. My typical daily attack, while not exactly a 9999, at least has four digits.

Name: Phaedrus

FC: 3609-1029-9784

Will shortly start working my way backwards from this post, adding folks with reckless abandon

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All of page 6 added!

FC: 3566 1929 9964

Name: Joda

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My FC is 1848-1674-9361

Send me a pm or reply to me here if you add me ill add back ASAP.


#289 Posted by Freelancer52 (69 posts) -

A little late to the party but my fc is 5343-8171-2645

#290 Posted by echop00l (5 posts) -

Hey all, this thread is a life saver. I added about a dozen people from this page. Feel free to add me

code: 0345-0006-7996

name: Liam

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Adding people from the thread.



Let me know if you add me. I check the site daily.

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I'm on an adding RAMPAGE... All that want to please add me as well.

Friend Code:


Just shoot me a reply or message to let me know and I'll add you back if I haven't already.

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Just started the game

FC: 0619 4290 9497,

Name: Paul,

I check the site daily and solemnly swear to add everyone who adds me and lets me know!

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Alright everyone. Sorry I'm a little late for the party but here's my friend code: 4098-3818-9462

Don't StreetPass much so lets all band together.

#298 Posted by VTRab (1 posts) -

Just got this game today, but I hope I'm not too late. I added everyone from pages 5 and 6.


#299 Posted by JBG4 (385 posts) -

@vtrab: added you too... Thanks

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@jbg4 i just added you.

FC: 3179-6068-1707

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