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A charming game nearly ruined by poor plot design 0

Exploring the overworld.Bravely Default takes place in the realm of Luxendarc, a fantasy world very typical of the JRPG genre The peace in the land is governed by four crystals, each watched over by a Vestal. For hundreds of years, the belief in Crystalism has been an accepted norm for most of the population. When the game starts, however, many forces are beginning to rebel against these ideas. Key among these forces is the Duchy of Eternia, lead by the shadowy Council of Six. Eternia seeks to e...

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Bravely Default Video Review 0

Watch the Video Review HERE!I haven't been so conflicted in how I felt about a game in a long time. Bravely Default PLAYS like a dream. It's everything we love about classic JRPGs and then some, and I'll get into that, but on the other hand... This game's plot drags the entire rest of the game down. There's a good reason this game reviews very well, and that is because it doesn't show its faults until the latter half, at which point it absolutely shits the bed.Check out my full review at the You...

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Bravely Default Review 0

Abstract:Bravely Default heralds the long-awaited return of the traditional JRPG by combining classic gameplay elements with modern sensibilities, making it one of the better JRPGs of the past decade.Pros:The Brave and Default system makes the return to turn-based battles all the sweeter, along with other useful combat innovationsA great mix of challenge and progression without excessive reliance on grindingJobs are numerous, effective and surprisingly uniqueA truly expansive world, complete wit...

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Bravely Default is one of the most refreshing JRPGs on the 3DS 1

IntroductionBravely Default is on my personal list of the most refreshing JRPG games on the 3DS. On the outside it's just another Final Fantasy game with a different title. Sure, while that may be true the game is full of different systems that I've never personally seen before. Among those different systems we see the Brave and Default combat system which provides a new refreshing look to the normal turn based combat system we see in the earlier final fantasy games. Along with all that fun and ...

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