Anyone pick it up yet?

#1 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

im downloading the demo now. im pretty excited about this one. i hope it pans out. we are 1 for 1 in terms of Downloadable FPS on XBL. 1943 was awesome Blacklight Tango Down...Err now so much. but the people at PAX seemed to dig it so thats a good sign. 

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Shooting is pretty bad.

#3 Posted by DeeGee (2175 posts) -

Halo Breach is out already? Oh shit

#4 Posted by Iron_Past (173 posts) -

Three things: 
Blacklight: Tango Down was and continues to be awesome. Some of the best map design I've played. 
BF 1943 is cool, but felt a little too 'proof of concept' for me. Still enjoy it, however. 
I'm downloading the demo as well. =) 
I tend to like these downloadable shooters more than retail releases lately. Maybe it's because of the lower cost of entry, and then I don't feel bad when I move on because people start to 'min/max' the levels and systems, maybe because most of the hardcore assholes don't bother with them, or maybe because they tend to take more chances. Whatever reason, I like them.

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so i would say off the bat. take you expectations of what you thought this game was going to be and throw it out the window. The game has a COD perks and Leveling system but this not COD, also i have read some people thinking this was going to be a successor to RB6 its not that either. The game reminds me a little bit of Counter Strike, but i think thats more of the look then anything. Graphics wise. the game looks dated... like 1998 dated. but looks aside the game does have some charm to it. I like the shooting i like the feel, but even i will admit the game has problems and comes off as a bit sluggish. Guns are treated with feeling a bit more "real" then your typical FPS. Assault Rifles are really only good up to mid-range. after that you might as well just start throwing rocks. it is nice to see a game with a rate of fire option on the AR's though. For me the Jury is still out on exactly how i feel about Breach. i dont hate it but i dont love it, but im content with it. 

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Yeah, the ancillary things aren't as refined as other games, but the core gameplay is solid. It's a very tactical game, as opposed to something like Call of Duty, but the shooting is still twitch when you're close in. The maps all seem really large, destruction works well. Quick tip, enemies don't have names over their heads; if you see someone with a red name, that's only because you're on the red team. Also, the demo version gives you thirty minutes with two classes, which both have an unlock, but the main game starts off with everything locked, though you have access to all classes save Recon.

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Just erased it off my HD. It isn't a terrible game by any means, it looks gorgeous, and the ranking system is well done. But it certainly isn't a good game. The problem I had with it is the matchmaking is absolutely awful, and the aiming is rubbish. Not to mention the sounds of the guns are as generic and flat as it gets. Spent 1200 points on a mediocre shooter with an appeal that wears off after a half an hour or so, i'm sure many will love its CoD like leveling and perk system. I did not.

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No its bad.

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Looks bad and plays bad and considering the developers touted it as the best destruction system ever created, I only ever got one wall to blow up and even that didn't impress me since the wall just disappeared, no debris or anything though that may have just been the lag which is pretty bad today. Characters walk around like the have 2 animation frames, Knee up or Knee down, they float just off the ground.  
I did like the cover system it works very well but when you shoot you might as well have a pea shooter. I won't judge it by the disconnect in nearly every match because im sure that will get sorted out over time.
 I played for 30 minutes and then restarted the game several times to see if i could be happy playing this, but I couldn't justify a purchase and went back to playing the Crysis 2 demo and then onto battlefield again.

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I played the trial and turned it off after 10 minutes, it was just too awful for me to stick with.

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It's NOT bad. But aside from the core mechanic it's very, very bland. Had the trial been about 15 minutes longer, I probably wouldn't have bought it.

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