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A Little to late

About a year ago Blacklight Tango down came out  for the XBLA and it was a very welcome addition essentially giving another option for FPS that isn't  labeled with a series, but could still hold it's own. 12 maps, large customization, and small co-op made it worth a bit more appealing for a 15 dollar price tag then a COD 60 dollar. Now with Breach that seems to wanna capitalize more on the Battlefield side of gaming with destructible environments and it does "well". It has a much smaller weapon selection then most fps including Blacklight, and has a bit of a strange system since it goes for exp for guns, now that is exp specific to that class and credits which are universal for attachments. The problem with this is the Riflemen is probably  the only class to use since they have the best range, destruction, and firepower where all the other classes seem to lack.  The game does have some minor hick-ups with some game-crashes but that seems it can be fixed with a patch to clean it up. Though some people argue that Call of duty of Battlefield or Halo is a vastly superior substitute to getting a game like this and for all purposes they are right. But they do show a lot of ambition and once the early game destruction jitters are out, it won't be to bad of a game to pick up and try out since let's face it. Rainbow six 2 was the last tactical shooter for the console.


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