Breakdown appreciation thread

#1 Posted by starrjack1 (99 posts) -

Did anyone else really enjoy this game like I did?  Let me hear your favorite part! 
I loved it when you have that one fight your supposed to run from and if you try and punch the guy he grabs your fist.  Also when you inject yourself for the final time and you leap out of that grate into the air and go all Dragonball Z one everyone.

#2 Posted by Grumbel (1010 posts) -

A little late for an answer, but one can never appreciate Breakdown enough. I absolutely love that game. It certainly has a few bland level sections, but its also so full of highly memorable moments and just highly innovative in its game mechanics in general (later do be replicated by Mirrors Edge, but almost no other game). On top of that it has a great sci-fi time travel story and fantastic atmosphere. My favorite moment? Can't really say, since there are so many of them and that leap out after the injection is certainly one of them, also loved the final boss (took me a heck of a lot to "get it", but then it was like "holy shit, that's brilliant!") and the ending was also really well done, it offered choice without it being some binary good/evil choice, but kind of made sense.
I wish there where more games like this, to many FPS just are about shooting stuff, this one had a great companion and plenty of non-shooting elements to it.

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This is one of those games that truly flew under the radar for many. While obscure games will generally have a cult following, this one doesn't seem to even have the pleasure of that. It is a shame as I really believe that this game is one of the top games that the X-Box had to offer.

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You know, I've actually been hitting a few of the small used music/game stores in my town looking for this game again. I still have my old dusty x-box somewhere, and given it still works, I think I would brave the motion sickness that the game caused me just to play through it again...

ANYWAYS. Favorite moment would have to be the same as Grumbel's. The sort of DBZ style leap out of the air vent when you get your final injection and then proceed to hand the T'lan their asses. Runner up would probably have to be the first time you fight Solus. I got 5 punches in a row where he caught my hand, said 'Are you ready?' and threw me backwards.

#5 Posted by allworkandlowpay (916 posts) -

Breakdown was one of my favorite games of last gen.

#6 Posted by Omega (875 posts) -

Yeah it was pretty cool. 
First person vomiting. The future is now.

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