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It is located in Whiterun right beside of the Blacksmith named "Warmaiden's" near the main-gate. The house is two-stories , quite small in size.To be able to obtain the house for purchase you have to complete the quest "Bleak Falls Barrow" that is obtained by Jarl of Whiterun. The purchase off the house is handled through Proventus Avenicci. Both Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and Proventus Avenicci can be found in Dragonsreach in the Cloud District in Whiterun.


Lydia lives in Breezehome, when she is not serving as housecarl(housecarl means a bodyguard to a king in Danish). She has her own small bedroom on the second floor.

House decorations packages

When the house been bought from Proventus Avenicci, you are given a book with the title “Whiterun Home Decorating Guide”. This book contains description of the six packages you can purchase. Without the packages, Breezehome is very dusty and looks very abandoned. The total cost to buy all six packages is 1800 gold. Proventus Avenicci will only sell the packages inside of Dragonsreach in the Cloud District, Whiterun.

House decoration package content


Alchemy Labratory

This package adds a alchemy station. Some furniture in form of table and a chair. This is a well worth upgrade for people that like crafting in the game. In complement the area nicely (Smithing available just around the corner at Warmaiden's).500


This improves the look of the master bedroom. The package gives the house 2 extra bedside tables. A table with a chair and Weapons plaque.300

Dining Room

Adds some storage containers and shelves250


Gets a cooking pot in the kitchen area, makes it able to cook some better food. Also there are plants, which are harvestable.300

Living Room

Some more shelves, table and a cupboard. A weapon rack and weapon plaque has been added.250


Chairs and table, also a weapon plaque200

Crafting stations

  • Alchemy Station (Buy-able for 500 gold).


  • By completing the quest, "Battle for Whiterun". Then will Balgruuf the greater offer the house for free. Thou, no upgrades are included and must be bought as usual.

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