lvl10wizard's Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 (Xbox 360) review

If you like Cricket don't play this game.

Brian Lara ICC Cricket 2007 is a dismal attempt at rendering cricket on a console. Every aspect of the game is grossly undercooked and near broken. For example the limited statistics where in a test you can't  view the scorecard of the 1st innings whilst you are playing the 2nd innings, there are no wagon wheels or other stats that cricket fans adore. The feilding controls are terrible, the game gives you no heads up whatsoever that you need to press a button for a catch which is unfair, unrealistic and not fun at all.
The overall production is shoddy at best, the sound set is limited. Then the biggest annoyance of all, the wicket keeper knocks the bails off EVERY time he receives the ball leaving the umpires shaking their heads in an utterly depressed manner. I never thought i'd say this but I look forward to the next EA Cricket game, Codemasters have it so painfully wrong with this title. 

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