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Brianna was an Echani handmaiden, who served under the tutelage of Atris. She was known to her sisters as The Last of the Handmaidens, for they considered her inferior, because she was born of a different father.  She was the daughter of an Echani Warrior and a Jedi Knight who served with Revan in the Mandalorian campaign and perished on Malachor V.   When Atris took the Handmaidens under her wing, she made them each swear an oath never to become Jedi, even if they were force sensitive. When the Exile arrives at Telos Academy, Brianna will sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk and join the party, but only if the Exile is male. If she goes through enough with the Exile, the Exile can eventually train her in the ways of a Jedi, owing to her unusual heritage, making her betray her oath to Atris. Brianna returns to Telos Academy to confront Atris, but she is defeated by her master, who has fallen to the dark side. The Exile arrives and defeats Atris, and rescues Brianna.

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