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Brick is a member of Reilly's Rangers, a somewhat moral mercenary group. The other members of the group include Reilly, Donovan, Butcher, the deceased quartermaster Theo, and the Lone Wanderer depending on how helpful the player is. Brick loves to fire her unique minigun, Eugene. Reilly frequently has to hold her back from starting fights. One time Reilly had to stop Brick from gunning down a group of Talon Company Mercenaries after one spit on her boot. Another time Reilly forgot to stop Brick and Brick gunned down a detachment of Talon  Company Mercs in less than 5 seconds. Reilly's computer terminal in the Ranger Compound implies that Brick often gets into fights with Donovan. 


Brick is involved in the Reilly's Ranger quest that can be obtained from Reilly in the ghoul city of  Underworld, finding the Ranger Emergency Frequency message on your Pip-Boy while exploring around D.C, going to the Statesman Hotel, or checking Reilly's terminal at the Ranger Compound. The Lone Wanderer has to save the Reilly's Rangers trapped on the roof of the Statesman Hotel. The Lone Wanderer has to help the Rangers escape the Hotel. If everything goes well in saving the Rangers the player will be given the choice between Ranger Battle Armor or Brick's unique minigun, Eugene. Even if the player chose the minigun she still has a copy of Eugene in her inventory. After the quest all the Rangers, including Brick, go to the Ranger Compound.


Brick is a good Karma character but will not drop an ear on death.  
Brick was born in 2253.
Her SPECIAL stats are: Strength of 6, Perception of 5, Endurance of 5, Charisma of 4, Intelligence of 3, Agility of 6, and a Luck of 4.
Just like Brad Shoemaker, Brick has a slight Southern drawl.
She is a reference to the Aliens marine, Vasquez, who has the same kind of gun, haircut, and attitude. 
Her Base ID is 00029576
Her Reference ID is 0002b831  
She is Hispanic.
She is voiced by Shari Elliker.

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