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 Jason Bright, the leader of the Bright Brotherhood and a non-feral Glowing One
The Bright Brotherhood is a religious organization in the Mojave Wasteland. They are based in the REPCONN facility, but the dead bodies of Bright Brotherhood members can be found around the wasteland. They are lead by the determined and confident Jason Bright
The Bright Brotherhood exists to partake on the Great Journey. This idea came about when the ghouls grew tired of the bigotry and hatred exhibited by the humans. They chose the REPCONN facility as their base of operations because they intend to use the rockets within to launch themselves into space. The Courier is recruited by the Bright Brotherhood to help them with their missioin. 
An interesting fact about the Bright Brotherhood is that they have one human member: Chris Haversam. Growing up in Vault 34, Chris had a suspicion that he would turn into a ghoul because he often worked on the Vault's reactors. Thus, when his hair started falling out, he immediately concluded that he was transforming into a ghoul, so he fled the Vault and joined the Brotherhood. The ghouls were unable to convince Chris that he was human, so they let him join because they needed his help.

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