how much would you happily pay for this game?

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#1 Posted by spyder335 (374 posts) -

i payed full price for it and although it feels realyy incomplete the multiplayer seems pretty fun so i feel $69.95 (australian) so roughly half normal price would seem about right

#2 Posted by Portis (1283 posts) -

This BRINK stuff is getting a little crazy.

#3 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -
This BRINK stuff is getting a little crazy.

That's because these are the Brink forums :p

#4 Posted by mnzy (2926 posts) -

Wait, aren't USD and AUD nearly 1:1? So normal price is $140? What?

#5 Posted by spyder335 (374 posts) -

actually australian currency is currently worth a little more average game here is around $110

#6 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

20 bucks Australian. It's far inferior to TF2, but brand new so it gets a price boost.

Full price for it is ridiculous, however. Triple the number of maps and add different modes beyond the objective based stuff, and maybe we'd talk.

#7 Posted by Weltal (2276 posts) -


But I have zero interest in the game, so I guess I should include that.

#8 Posted by spyder335 (374 posts) -

well im gonna crank through it tonight and return it slap the money on la noir

#9 Posted by dagas (2930 posts) -

It's not about the price. Some say it would be better if it was a $15 XBLA game, but I've never seen the point of buying those either. You can get Halo ODST or some other older FPS that while maybe not as good as the most recent game in the series, people are still playing and it costs less than the XBLA game and is in most ways a better game. I guess some people just have to play whatever is the newest game and they have to play it from day one. It's kind of like choosing a two year old Mercedes or a brand new Kia. I wouldn't buy the Kia.

#10 Posted by l4wd0g (2016 posts) -

I paid $45.99 (USD) on Steam and I am getting my money's worth. The downside is that I feel I need to buy a wired 360 control to get the most out of the game.

#11 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -


#12 Posted by Bennyishere (1685 posts) -

I would consider it at a heavily discounted price (like 10-20 USD) when I have nothing else to play.

#13 Edited by MEATBALL (3516 posts) -

About $20, that's what I'd expect to pay for the equivalent as a download-only release. That said, I'm not terribly interested in picking it up anyway so if it went for $20 tomorrow I'd probably pass. If it were in some crazy Steam sale for $5 I'd probably pick it up in a heartbeat.

By the way, Aussie game prices are pretty crazy, but if you're paying $130-140 for a new release game you should probably start shopping somewhere else.

#14 Posted by KarlPilkington (2779 posts) -
@spyder335: You should get an avatar.
#15 Posted by abdo (1044 posts) -

I might get it once it's $25-30 (I live in Europe, but my AMERICAN keyboard only speaks in dollars)

#16 Posted by Vodun (2370 posts) -

Paid full price on Steam and don't really have a problem with that...then again I don't have to ask my mom for an allowance so that might have something to do with it.

#17 Posted by spyder335 (374 posts) -

ive always wondered were the money goes does the aus government take the excess or do game companies just make more money here?

#18 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3489 posts) -

Ten Australian dollars.

#19 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

If someone gave me a code for a free download, I probably couldn't be bothered to redeem and download it.

#20 Posted by Devil240Z (3442 posts) -


#21 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11421 posts) -


Sorry, couldn't resist! 
#22 Posted by DryvBy (236 posts) -


#23 Posted by Bravestar (382 posts) -

€5. But even then I might not buy it, because everything I've read and seen is terrible. And everytime people defend a game with "you aren't playing it right!" it's a really really bad sign(how to play a FPS wrong is beyond me).

#24 Posted by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -

I paid $60.
In retrospect $30 would have put it in the "happily" region.

#25 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

$20 seems about right.

#26 Posted by PopBot (105 posts) -

I would pay ZERO because the game SUCKS! TROLOLOLOL.

Seriously though, I put down $40 and that is right at the top of what I was willing to pay. I'd say $30 is fair.
#27 Posted by Soap (3646 posts) -

I think it's worth about £15-£20 so far, it's pretty light on content, I've only played about 4 hours so far but I already feel like I've seen pretty much everything :/

#28 Posted by EpicSteve (6499 posts) -

Any price for this game is a waste. Due to the online not working, recommending this game is impossible. Brink isn't a very well designed game to begin with. It's simply boring. 

#29 Posted by hurrikenux (46 posts) -

This thread is pretty much saying "Come here trolls, please tell me how you would NOT PAY ANYTHING and TEHY SOULD PAY ME".  Sigh...

#30 Posted by GrindedStone (27 posts) -

I'm having fun playing it.

#31 Posted by WoodenPlatypus (1356 posts) -

I wouldnt.
#32 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1772 posts) -

I wouldn't.

#33 Posted by Jams (2966 posts) -

$45 USD plus a $10 credit at Amazingon.worth it.

#34 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1286 posts) -

I paid 35 for it, and I feel that's about right.

#35 Posted by jozzy (2035 posts) -

I would consider picking this up for $20 maximum. For an extended version with 8 extra maps around $30. But only if the multiplayer was relatively lagfree.

#36 Posted by wealllikepie (757 posts) -


#37 Posted by Vonocourt (2169 posts) -
@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" If someone gave me a code for a free download, I probably couldn't be bothered to redeem and download it. "
Ah Hyperbole.

But probably around twenty dollars, don't see myself investing much time in the multi-player once I've gone through the maps a few times.
#38 Posted by Chontamenti (153 posts) -

ca. 20$

#39 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

I remember that Quake Wars Enemy Territory had probably twice as many maps as well as vehicles & that was fine for full price. I feel that unless they double the map count & improve the bots this game would be better off in the $30-40 range.  I wonder if they got tired of this game being stuck in development & pushed it out early.

#40 Posted by jkuc316 (981 posts) -

$20 at least.

#41 Posted by Jams (2966 posts) -

At this point I think it all depends on well how they support their game post release. How many free updates that include new features and maps can they put out without having to start including Non Free DLC. If I were them I would support Brink with tons of new maps and new game types for  free then have some new costumes as DLC. People would start to take notice and at that point the price will probably be around $20USD. Eight more maps and 2 new game types; That's enough content to satisfy people and pique their interests in the game again.

#42 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

i payed 45$ and i think it was worth it.  and no im not trying to justify my purchase. 

#43 Posted by EuanDewar (5107 posts) -


#44 Posted by Daveyo520 (7010 posts) -


#45 Posted by mosespippy (4475 posts) -

Playing the game would take time away from playing better games so $0 isn't low enough. There is a slogan for 6 shooter records. It's "Life's too short to listen to shitty music." I feel that life's to short to play shitty games.

#46 Edited by Kyreo (4602 posts) -


#47 Posted by SlightConfuse (3963 posts) -

15 dollars @Devil240Z

#48 Posted by Sweep (8986 posts) -

I think it's important here to differentiate between how much you are prepared to pay for this game and how much you think it's worth. Assessing worth is basically a review in monetary form, whereas stating how much you would be prepared to pay is a reaction based on the reviews of others.

From what I have seen the reviews are mixed, with some people claiming the game to be average, others that it's fantastic, and even a group of people who's experienced have been marred by technical issues.

Opinions, amirite?

Personally I'm interested in the game but after reading the reviews i'm sceptical of dropping full price. However I would totally pick it up if it landed in a steam sale or something. The PC version is currently selling for about £25, which seems fair, though I'd still prefer to wait.

#49 Posted by Franstone (1156 posts) -

20 Doll Hairs

#50 Posted by animateria (3265 posts) -


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