My own Video Review of Brink: Agents of Change DLC.

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Seeing how the free Agents of Change DLC recently came out, i figured it was time for another video review. If you find my accent a bit annoying, then keep in mind that there are subtitles embedded in the video -- if you can't see them, get a better web browser. Thanks.

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Oops, i forgot to attach this thread to the Brink board. Do your work, mods.

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The only thing you should look at is the distance to your mic. You have a lot of POP'in'.

And it seems to be what I expected. More of what I didn't like about Brink in general. Thanks for the vid.

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Much obliged! I also added an annotation excusing the pop in's. Thanks.
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Just gonna do one shameful bump so this doesn't get buried immediately.

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