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Pain In the A**

(Due to complaints I will rewrite and make my former point much more clear then before.)

A couple of things to say about brink is that it is a pain in the ass to play in general. The gameplay is very scripted, with different objectives on a limited set of maps that range from extremely easy to insanely difficult especially ones that rely to heavily on teamwork. Though I do enjoy teamwork is the name of the game random people are generally unresponsive and lonewolves towards others. This is where Brink fails most. Without like-minded friends with you at the helm you will have a terrible time. It is not to say random people won't try to help each other, but one in a few can be a hopeless pursuit. The average FPS play Halo and Call of duty. Games revolved around simply killing each other. Teamwork is brought it a minimum because of this. Along with this the guns in general are disappointing. Though on one side it's nice not being killed by a couple potshots or a lucky grenade that is very refreshing, but on the other side the fact that I have to unload my entire clip on enemies just to make them fall and have someone revive them in seconds is frustrating. Along with the inability to pick up ammo and having to rely on command points you aren't guaranteed to have besides the one at your spawn point and soldier class players that may not even preform their duty to resupply.

Though the game does do this to force as much people to play together, and I do mean force since being alone yields much less exp then it would if you were protecting or covering someone else, it does make many things work well. The graphics aren't terrible and have a nice architecture. The movement in the game is amazing, it is fun to jump around vaulting over things and walking along fences/railings, though it isn't as expansive as they make it sound. The ability to customize your character down to their appearance from scars/ tattoos to their voice and general body type and face is very creative though it feels somewhat limiting with just preset faces. The guns have a decent selection to them, but a little disappointing in the attachments and the fact you can't give custom skins without a preorder. And even then you are probably only going to have a single code, though it is a little nice that the resistance and security does have different looks to the same gun to at least mix it up a little.

Though with the game's pros and cons it is still a fairly fulfilling experience. The game is a bit on the short-side but with a couple of friends you can have a great time going through the maps and experimenting to the various skills and abilities along with the look of your characters.

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Posted by Getz

How can damage be "nerfed" when the game just came out?

Posted by Font8

Damage "nerfed" so players have time to react to incoming fire. No WTF moments.

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