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Not quite what was expected, but a nice callback.

If you have had played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, you will be extremely familiar with the objective based gameplay that Brink pushes onto the player.  I was a gargantuan fan of Enemy Territory so this may be one of the reasons why I enjoy Brink so much so take this small review with that in mind.

The combat is what you would expect from Call of Duty, lots of hip-shooting and aiming down the sight.  The weapons all seem to be very similar and it appears to be like this to accentuate the weapon upgrade system and to try to find some form of balance so everyone is not using the same weapon. All of the unlocks are earned by doing very easy challenge missions, that allow you to go 'hey, that dudes upgrade is awesome! I want that!' then head over to the weapon customization where this list the unlockable accessories, and how to get them all in the same menu section. Customization doesn't end at the weapons, but continues onto your body type which affect how much health you have and the speeds and parkour you can do. There is also a ton of cosmetic clothing you can unlock for your character which will please some people.

After about thirteen hours I have really grown to enjoy the game and feel comfortable with the mishmash of oldschool Enemy Territory objective based class play and Call of Duty aim-down-sight style of game. All of the classes mesh well and feel unique while the different stages of maps provide enough of a change that I think I will get a lot more replay value out of the game.

My 2 cents from an ET fan.
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Posted by Little_Socrates

As I expected, those who put a lot of time into this game will really enjoy it. Good review. :)

Posted by RhinoOfficial

Totally agree. I loved Wolf:ET. Once I got used to this game I cant get enough of it. So good, and brings back so many memories.

Posted by hurrikenux

I think that is the main problem people have, they are trying to fit it into CoD and TF2 categories instead of looking at it as a progression of ET.

Posted by miva2

I was disappointed seeing negative reviews for brink. I was looking forward to this game and really expected it to be a hit. didn't buy it though (too many other games).
I'm glad my expectations weren't completely wrong.
If you enjoyed it, I might enjoy it too, I'll give it a try sometime.

Posted by JojoTheSlayer

Didnt like ET:Wolf, but I loved ET:Quake wars. Lost my copy of Quake wars ages ago, but after playing Section 8 Pre (recommended as well) a while I had to load up the demo of QW (Steam) and it still is a good game. That you say Brink is similar and good made me more interested in this game.

Might get it later, for PC, obviously.

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