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Broken but there is hope.

First off I've logged about 5 or so hours on the game mainly playing as a Medic at the time of writing this.
Is this game broken? Answer is YES very much so. It manages to outline some interesting things from others games and some new ones but never really implements them well. The parkour style climb-what-you see idea is a great idea but in reality is awkward, limited and clumsy. You will ultimately only use it when you need to and just sprint around for the most part. Half of this is because there just doesn't seem to be any point in using it and the other half is that you will just plain forget you have that ability.
The game uses a nice use of basic objectives to break up a single level where in part 1 you'll be planing a bomb and defending it for 30 seconds, in part 2 you'll be escorting a NPC and so on.
The customisation while not as impressive as shown in trailers is still very solid offering more choices than most game on the market and the charcter model holds up very well with you selection of outfits with little no no clipping that ive noticed. Weapons while all assualt rifles feel similar and all SMG feel similar are not as bad as some have claimed. Some sound, kick and handle a little better than others but there is very little difference other than cosmetic. The main problem is the AI. This game has some of the worst AI ive seen to date; this wouldn't be such an issue if it were only on the SP section of the game but the fact that you will ultimatly be playing the MP with and against a bunch of bots is a real negative. At the moment the Coop option is easily the strongest part of the game. This is where you and a team of other players take on the AI controlled enemy to complete the mission. While the AI is still infuriating this is where you can get your firt real taste of what the game is capable of assuming you have a semi decent team with you.
The balancing in the game is way off in certain areas. and example is when you hack a terminal it takes you around 1 min to complete, however the enemy can undo what you have done in around 20 seconds. The other noticeable thing is when you take the flag/object and have to take it to a destination. If the player carrying the object id killed and an enemy player or AI touches the object it is transported back to where it started, no need for the enemy to hold the object for 20 seconds to reset it here.
Graphically the game does a decent job, there are some horrible texture issues but unless your really hung up on how something look and enjoy standing starting at a wall chances are it wont bother you in the slightest although considering the3 size of the maps and detail there is really no reason for it to happen as often as it does.
BUT....and here we go....the is hope.
From what i can see is that with the exception of the AI there is very little wrong with this game that cant be fixed with a little post-release tweaking. Changing the hacking times from 1 min to hack and even 40 seconds to un-hack would help imesly. Making the enemy team have to hold a dropped object for 15 second before resting it would also be a great improvement both of which shouldnt be to hard for Splash damage to fix.  The other major improvement id like to see is an objective/spawn checkpoint system. Too many time you are held back at the start of an objective where the enemy is dug into a highly covered area and you have no choice but to desperately try to take it form them. Some of these areas so almost impossible to take due to the fact the enemy can keep spawning so close. This could be fixed by forcing the enemy to spawn farther back once you have taken and area or command post, not only making a little fairer to the attacker but also making more use of the command posts that really are not as important as they should be.
All in all this is NOT a bad game. It has more than its fair share of problems but the good point is that if the Developers work at it and address the issues the community has this could ultimately become a great team FPS. The game is split straight down the middle for me. Its a game with a solid idea, it has a lot of negative things about it but most if not all can be fixed. It is because of this I cant give it a really bad score but cant give it a really good one, so I'm ironically force to settle for a balanced ...3 out of 5.


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