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Not No Call of Duty

This game is nothing like Call of Duty. If you are in to that, don’t buy it. Wait a few months and spend another $60 on another Call of Duty. This is Brink, it is a mix of several games rolled into a small package and guess what it works.

People might criticize how boring singleplayer. Well you really not going to buy it for the story. You are buying it to have fun with friends, and this is the game to play. When the game came out, my friends and I launched the game and play the campaign for 4 hours and we had a blast. It was 8 of us versus 8 bots, though bots were almost brain dead but it was fun. We didn’t care much for the story but we got it for the multiplayer and that is where this game shines.

This game is all about multiplayer. You need to work as a team to get stuff down with 8 versus 8 maps. The game is all about teamwork. Lone wolves will get you nowhere. Everyone has to do the part and help the team do objectives, yep objectives. This game is all about objectives. So much about objectives, you hit tab and there is no kills or deaths score. The objectives range from VIP escorting to blowing up doors. Each team has their own objectives with small minor ones like capping a command panel for extra health. It is pretty much ether defend or attack, straight forward.

There are some bugs. On the PC, you get wonderful bugs like “Mission Complete” is just random letters and numbers. Or people with ATI cards have a problem with frame rate. I didn’t encounter any bugs except for server browser dropping me to 7fps.

If you don’t want to read what I typed out and skipping to the end? Buy this game and get your friends to buy it too. If you don’t have friends or friends that are cheap, sorry buddy time to make new ones.

Posted by OMGmyFACE

 "Not no Call of Duty." So, it IS Call of Duty?

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