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Premature Judgement

Simply: Try the Game.  Rent, Borrow, Gamefly.
I have read enough of these malnourished reviews.  Every one seems to have rushed to judgement without truly experiencing the game.  More over, I am sickened by the mentality "If it isn't Halo, it isn't worth playing."  These pandering clowns on Giantbomb are content with slamming down superficial insults like "the guns lack punch" while ignoring that this describes almost every popular multi-player shooter.  So where were these criticisms when Halo reach came out which included an Assault rifle felt more like a super soaker or a Sniper Rifle that felt like a Red Rider BB Gun?  Oh my bad, you can't risk contradicting the popular opinion.  It is bad for business. Now, almost every chief complaint about the Game-play issues has already been corrected, and the game has only been out for 2 days.  I am not saying this game is perfect, and it is clearly not for everyone.  However, the game play is fresh enough and the action is fast enough to justify at least renting the title.
And PLEASE, If you are the kind of guy that would buy a Multi-player game and complain about Bots, perhaps you should check the calender: It is no longer 1997.  You no longer have to go to a LAN party to get good competition.  Get on Xbox and make a few friends.  Or go back to COD: Booty Ops.  At either way, blaming the game because you can't play it makes as much sense as blaming a hammer because you can't swing it.

Edited by Sammo21

I would disagree with you.  I bought the game on Amazon and considered returning it because of bad word of mouth and what was said on Giant Bomb and Joystiq.  I rolled the dice and came up snake eyes.
Unfortunately, this really isn't a review but your criticism of people who have valid points about the game's quality.  This should have been a message board rant...

Also, considering I PC game as well as console game, to label anyone who doesn't like Brink as merely "if it isn't Halo, it isn't worth playing" is ridiculous and pretty disrespectful.   I feel as if you've only looked at the score and not read the reviews...listen to Jeff on the latest podcast, read his review, and watch the quick look.  I played almost or over 8 hours of the game and found it to sync up perfectly with all the criticism people have for it.  I also love how most of the game's defenders were fanboying rallying around before they even played it.

Edited by EeTMeeL
@sammo21: Yea, I had a few debates about this with a couple other gentlemen.  I have resolved my stance significant.  However, I stand behind my indictment of the "If it isn't Halo, it isn't worth playing."  I do not rope all dislike of Brink into that category.  However, when you do stumble across this mentality, it is rather apparent. I did watch the Quick Look and I have read his review.  While watching the quick look I caught him complaining about things that were his fault more then the game.  And I have already touched on the review.  
The point I should have made was simply this:  Play the game.  The game is a niche game.  You will either love it and completely disagree with the critics, or you won't be feeling it and agree with the negative rep.
I also find it funny that people were defending the hell out of this game without even paying.  But there were also people attacking it without playing it either.
Posted by Sammo21

I wouldn't say its problem has anything to do with niche.  I played, and own, both version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and I would say from a straight game play perspective this is even steps back from that.  I think by stating that people don't like it because its niche is misleading. 

What specifically are you referring to about Jeff's quick look?

Posted by EeTMeeL
@sammo21: Yea, it was by far a huge step back from Enemy Territory.
At any rate, Every one I play with absolutely loves the game.  The various faults and issues in the game blend into a fast paced shooting experience that leaves me wanting more.  And I am not alone.  So, if you, or anyone, do not like the game there is honestly nothing wrong with that.  I just hope people will at least try the game before counting it out.
Posted by 014

Although I don't think your comments are unwarranted, they don't fit as a review. There are no details about the game. What if your review were the only one I read about the game? I would know nothing. So, I think your 'review' here is more like forum material.

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