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Known by his enemies (which consist mostly The Monarch's henchmen) as a ruthless, coldblooded murder machine, Brock Samson is Dr. Venture's former bodyguard. Prior to being Venture's bodyguard, Samson dropped out of college, and became an army ranger. Shortly after, Samson joined the Office of Secret Intelligence, where he honed his body to near superhuman senses. After Season 3 of the Venture Brothers series, Samson quits the O.S.I., and also quits as Venture's bodyguard. Later, he would join S.P.H.I.N.X, an organization of mercenaries and agents that fight evil and also watch over the Venture Compound.


  • Samson refuses to use a gun to kill people, but he is very proficient killing people through most every other means, including CQC. Most of the time, Samson keeps a large knife at his side.
  • Samson owns a License to Kill. When it had expired the first time, Samson did everything in his power to renew it as soon as physically possible, in order to kill a bartender who was being a jerk.
  • Samson enjoys killing bad guys while wearing a suit. "It makes me feel like James Bond."
  • Samson is one of the characters sitting around the poker table in Poker Night 2. This appearance of Brock is the first time he has ever appeared in a video game.

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