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Broken Age Act 1 - Growing Up And Going Nowhere 1

I backed Broken Age. You backed Broken Age. We all backed Broken Age, before it even had a name. It was a historic moment – the ushering in of a new era of crowd-funded game development. For better or worse, gamers are more able than ever to see how the sausage is made, and Broken Age‘s phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign was a huge catalyst for that. By virtue of the circumstances of its birth, Broken Age‘s place in the history books is all but assured, and rightly so.Is the game actua...

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Broken Age Act 1 Review: A New Age. 0

(Note: I'm a backer for Broken Age and it's currently one of the only ways to actually play the game. My money supported Broken Age so I'm obviously biased. Nevertheless, this review is for non-backers who are interested in purchasing Broken Age.)Broken Age is both a huge risk for Double Fine and a return to form for them. Broken Age's origin is a popular one of initially a small revival of the old school adventure game genre with a small asking price of 400k. This was back when Kickstarter was...

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A beautiful and whimsical trip to an abandoned style of gaming 0

Broken Age Part 1 is able to capture a time in gaming that was all but forgotten about. The genre has transformed and the majority of point-and-click adventure games you see now are mobile or web games. Double Fine, lead by Tim Schafer, successfully takes their audience on a retro journey that isn't terribly risky but comes off as the, "soul food," of gaming.The player is given the option of playing through two story lines as two different protagonists. The female protagonist, Vella, challenges ...

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Not Perfect - But Very Good 0

I played all of Act 1 of Broken Age in two sittings. There are two reasons for this, the first being that I didn't want to stop, and the second being that it's only roughly 4 hours long. When playing the game, it quickly became apparent to me that Double Fine had gone for quality over quantity, which is fine by me. It did, however, mean I wasn't really satisfied when the game ended. That may not be an issue in the long run, as this is, after all, act 1 of 2.The game looks absolutely amazing. As ...

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Broken Age shows us when Kickstarters go right! (No Spoilers) 0

Video Review - Broken Age Click to play video ReviewWritten Review - Broken AgeDouble Fine, the studio behind the successful kick-starter game Broken age was recently released to backers of the kick-starter . However the general public which included myself only got are grubby hands on this beautiful point and click game this week. The game is currently split in to two acts, the first act being available now and the second act being released later this year as a free download.Is this kick-s...

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Review: Broken Age - Act One 0

When Double Fine and 2-Player Productions started a Kickstarter campaign back in February 2012 for a project that was titled “Double Fine Adventure”, it brought lots of speculation as to what this project would turn out to be. Tim Schafer, the CEO at Double Fine’s last adventure game was Grim Fandango, which was released back in 1998. To much surprise (or little surprise, depending on who you talked to) the campaign for this untitled Double Fine adventure game broke records and made history by ...

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Video Review for Broken Age 0

Check out my Video Review for Broken Age, an adventure game from Double Fine Productions in the classic style. Broken Age marks Tim Schafer's triumphant return to the genre and first full release since Brutal Legend....

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Video Review - Broken Age Act 2 0

Broken Age was supposed to the ambassador for Adventure Games in the modern era, but with Act 2 Double Fine Productions threatens to sour players on the genre rather than give them something to celebrate. The good parts are still in tact from the first act, the voice acting, art style, and writing (for the most part) are all there, but the puzzles which make up the majority of Broken Age's gameplay are severely flawed. For more information, check out the VIDEO REVIEW. ...

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