Broken Sword 2 heading for iPhone just like BS1 did

#1 Posted by dagas (3071 posts) -

I read the news on Eurogamer 
Is it just me or is this great news? Classic point and click games from the 90's are perfect for the touch interface of the iphone/touch. I still remember how to get past that guard hut at the docks from playing hte PS1 demo over and over again (in those days I could not afford to buy many games so I played a lot of demos).

#2 Posted by guyver0 (190 posts) -

This is super great news. and before christmas which is a bit of a shocker.

#3 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3475 posts) -

Fuck yeah! Easily my favourite Broken Sword game!

#4 Posted by dagas (3071 posts) -

What a disappointment, it requires iPod Touch 3rd generation or iPhone 3GS or better. I have a 1st gen touch and BS1 works great, but BS2 apparently won't work on that. I'll probably get an iPhone when my current contract expires, but that is still several months away. Guess I won't be playing this in a while =(

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