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A true adventure gaming delight in every way 0

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (known as Circle of Blood in the United States) is a 1996 point-and-click adventure game that was developed by English-based Revolution Software. The game will take you literally across the world, and follows a vast variety of deep characters with an ever-expanding plot. All of this, and more, adds up to produce an amazing game that cannot be missed.You play as George Stobbart, a patent lawyer by profession, but a likeable, cheery American by nature. Afte...

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Follow the money! 0

Originally released in 1996, the conspiracy-laden Broken Sword comes with a surprising amount of modern conveniences - if this is thanks to the Director's Cut edition or not I couldn't tell you, but I will tell you this: I can see why people were so crazy about this game back in the day.It feels very streamlined: the ability to skip puzzles to reduce frustration when you're stuck, hot spots on the screen to indicate what's clickable or not to cure the point-and-click-on-everything-disease that p...

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Great point-and-click / mystery title 0

I didn't have high expectations going into this. Point-and-click adventures seem to be drawing me in lately, and mostly because when I go in with low expectations, I play a game like this and come out greatly pleased. The quirky and sometimes humorous dialogue in this is enough to make the game worthwhile. Added in the great story of the old, mysterious conflict between Templars and Assassins (a la Assassin's Creed variety, but a bit different), as well as mystery and intrigue rolled in with so...

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The First Point & Click 0

so it about time i review Broken Sword, this is not the first game broken sword i played, i played the 2nd one first when i got a demo with a magazone and one day i was at a Pawn shop and they were selling it for cheap as hell so i had to pick it up because it was hard to find. so you maybe thinking what is the game about ?The game is about Geroge Stobart is drinking at this CAFE that gets blown up and well he has to find out who did this with a French Journlist to help on the way while he goes ...

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