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The Brotherhood's insignia.

The Brotherhood of Steel is mostly concerned with the development and preservation of technology. This is true except for the contingency on the East Coast; their priority is defeating the Super Mutant threat in Washington D.C. Because the Brotherhood does not trust outsiders with the technology they discover, they keep most of it to their selves and only trade with certain organizations.

The Brotherhood is equipped to deal with most threats. Troops have access to Power Armor and superior weapons from before and after the Great War. The Brotherhood also uses combat enhancements and implants to improve the performance of the troops.


The Brotherhood of Steel has a long history in the United States, starting with the founding of the organization by Captain Roger Maxson. Maxson was part of a military team under the authority of Colonel Robert Spindel. Maxson and his team were investigating research being done by scientists in Mariposa Military Base. When they got there, they made a startling discovery. The scientists were running experiments with the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV for short) on prisoners. In response, Colonel Spindel took his own life, not wanting to live with the thought of the horrors that occurred at the base.

Artist's rendition of the entrance to the Lost Hills bunker

With no-one in charge of him, Maxson became the new leader of the remaining troops on his team. All of the scientists in the base were executed by firing squad. Shortly after, the Great War began. Fortunately for Maxson and his troops, the base provided adequate protection from the nuclear devastation of the war. When things calmed down, Maxson lead his troops, along with their families, into the Wasteland in search of a new base. They ended up at a government-operated fallout bunker at Lost Hills in California after weeks of traversing the Wastes. It was here that Maxson officially established the Brotherhood of Steel.

Problems With The Raiders

The Brotherhood grew powerful under the authority of Roger Maxson. Before Maxson died, ranks within the organization were created and several advancements in their technology took place. At one point, a raider group known as the Vipers created a base of operations and began raiding settlements. The Brotherhood took notice of this and a squad was dispatched to eliminate the threat. Because the Brotherhood believed that they had the advantage in any encounter with raiders, they went forward with too much confidence. The raiders were well prepared for the Brotherhood and were equipped with poison-enhanced weapons. When Maxson removed his helmet, an arrow fired by a raider grazed by him. The poison on the arrow was enough to kill Maxson a few hours later. His grandson became Head Elder, and a man known as Rhombus took up the grandson's previous position (leader of the Paladins and Knights). Rhombus and the Paladins started a quest to eliminate the Vipers once and for all. This time, they went into each fight with the proper equipment and were successful in killing nearly all of the members of the gang.

Quelling The Super Mutant Threat

The Master is a mutated mess

The Brotherhood was ignorant to the fact that a few years later the battle against their toughest foes yet would begin. In the year 2162, the Vault Dweller arrived at Lost Hills and asked to join their forces. Because the Brotherhood almost never accepts outsiders into their ranks, they sent him on a mission to a research facility where they expected him to be killed. However, the Vault Dweller returned and amazed everyone. As a result, the Dweller was accepted into the Brotherhood. When he returned, he brought back a holodisk detailing the plans of the Master, the horribly mutated Richard Grey. The Master was planning to turn all humans into super mutants to add to his ever growing army of the frightening beasts. The Brotherhood recognized that this was a threat that needed to be dealt with, and they relied on the Vault Dweller to deal with the problem. They managed to kill the Master and eliminate his army of super mutants, but the Vault Dweller was never seen again.

Recruitment Vs. Secrecy

With the threat of the super mutants gone for the time being, the Brotherhood encountered yet another problem. They couldn't decide which was more important: recruiting more people into their ranks to increase the size of their army, or keeping their technological discoveries and advancements secret. Recruiting more people would mean taking in outsiders, which was an idea that the Brotherhood disliked from the beginning. However, deciding not to recruit would raise the possibility of being outnumbered should another serious threat like the super mutants arise again. On the contrary, recruiting would mean more and more people having access to their technology. In the end, the Elders decided to never share any of their technology with the outsiders out of fear that they would use it for destructive means, like war.

The "Rogue" Brotherhood

Those that were for the idea of sharing technology were sent to investigate any remaining super mutant threats in the East. Unfortunately, the expedition never reached their destination. A massive, unavoidable storm blew through and forced most of the airships to the ground. With all of their ships destroyed or damaged beyond repair, the surviving Brotherhood members formed the Midwestern Brotherhood. This faction was so upset at the Elders for sending a large number of them to their deaths that they ignored all of their rules and laws.

The Midwestern Brotherhood had it rough: they were constantly battling raiders and super mutants. The nearby Vault Zero was controlled by an artificial intelligence called the Calculator. The Calculator created an army of robots and instigated a war with the Brotherhood. Vault Zero was a goldmine of technology, so it was extremely beneficial when the Brotherhood eliminated the robot army and formed their base of operations within the vault.

The Scourge

It's seen better days

The Brotherhood of Steel in Lost Hills began receiving reports of heavy super mutant activity in the ruins of Washington D.C. In response to this, the ruling council ordered an expedition consisting of many Brotherhood members to the area to investigate and, as always, recover technology. Along the way the group came across the remains of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because the place was quite the hellhole, they leveled it. During the operation they gathered up any non-mutated person they found and recruited them into their ranks.

One Brotherhood soldier, Ishmael Ashur, got buried under rubble and was left behind by his squad. Later, he woke up and arose from the debris. The raiders that were searching the area witnessed him as he stood up, and immediately thought of him as some sort of Godly figure. Ashur then took control of "The Pitt", restarted all of the mills, and began buying more slaves to keep the industry alive.

Ashur keeps several holotapes in his room. In them, he says that he was removed from the rubble by a wandering scavenger who wanted his Power Armor. He plans to use his daughter, Marie, as a cure for the slaves under his command.

Super Mutants in D.C.

When the force arrived in D.C., they settled in the ruins of the Pentagon. Doing so resulted in the discovery of Liberty Prime, a huge robot that was built to help battle the Chinese during the war. They also discovered that the rumors of super mutant activity was true, and the Brotherhood set out to quell the threat.

A bold, brave man indeed

Elder Owyn Lyons, who was then promoted to the position of Elder, made the decision to drastically change their objectives. Doing so was a bold move and resulted in the Lost Hills Brotherhood severing all support and contact with them. Rather than focus primarily on collecting technology, as is the Brotherhood of Steel's main reason for existing, Owyns sympathized with the people of the Capital Wasteland and made the protection and elimination of super mutants their priority. However, not everyone agreed with the Elder. Some of them were upset at Lyons for abandoning the Brotherhood of Steel's mission and felt that he had betrayed all of their values. In response, these disgruntled members grabbed armor and weapons and stormed out of the Citadel. They became known as the Brotherhood Outcasts and were labeled as traitors. Indeed, their departure meant less members in the Brotherhood of Steel, and Elder Lyons had to begin recruiting outsiders because the Brotherhood at Lost Hills would not send reinforcements. In the end, Elder Lyons violated three Brotherhood policies. 1) He abandoned their mission to find and preserve technology, 2) he began recruiting outsiders, and 3) by recruiting outsiders he violated the policy of keeping their technology secret.

The Mojave Wasteland Chapter

Elder McNamara, the leader of the BoS in the Mojave Wasteland

The Brotherhood of Steel used to be fairly prominent in the Mojave Wasteland, but their numbers were nowhere near as large as the New California Republic. This chapter was formed by a man named Elijah, who used to be a scribe. Their main mission was to secure Hoover Dam as their base of operations, but Elijah had different plans. He believed that HELIOS One was a more strategic and valuable base, so he lead the chapter there and ordered his paladins to defend it despite their reluctance to do so.

Soon, the NCR showed interest in HELIOS One and started to try to take it from the Brotherhood. Numerous fights occurred, and because the NCR had superior numbers they were able to inflict heavy causalities on the Brotherhood even though the Brotherhood had superior technology and gear. Even after losing many men, Elijah would not leave the site. It was only when the death count became to high for him to handle that he fled without warning, leaving Nolan McNamara in control. He lead his men away from the facility and back into the bunker, where he initiated a lock-down and established rules that said no outsider can enter the bunker.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the Courier has the chance to enter the bunker and determine the fate of the chapter.


Brotherhood of Steel members in training
  • Initiate (ranks: Senior Initiate): These are trainees in training.
  • Apprentice: The next rank up from Senior Initiate.
  • Scribe (ranks: Journeyman Scribe, Scribe): The Scribes are responsible for copying the technologies, maintaining the current technology, and experimenting with new ones. Scribes hardly ever leave the Brotherhood of Steel bunkers, but they will occasionally head out into the field when called upon to examine a piece of technology.
  • Knight (ranks: Journeyman Knight, Knight, Head Knight): Knights manufacture weapons and other technology engage in combat activities.
  • Paladin (ranks: Junior Paladin, Paladin, Senior Paladin, Head Paladin): Paladins are the pinnacle of the Brotherhood military. Paladins are in charge of all outside activities as well as security, and because Paladins are also Knights, the Head Paladin is usually the Head Knight as well.

Notable Fallout 3 Brotherhood Members

Sarah Pride
  • Elder Lyons: Real name is Owyn. He is the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3
  • Sarah Lyons: She is in charge of the Lyons' Pride, an elite squad of brave Brotherhood members
  • Paladin Gunny: He can train the Vault 101 Dweller to wear Power Armor
  • Star Paladin Cross: One of the followers that the Vault 101 Dweller can acquire
  • Scribe Rothchild: Elder Lyons' assistant

Fallout 3 Mission Appearances

  • Following In His Footsteps
  • Galaxy News Radio
  • Picking up The Trail

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