Are these the names of the brothers?

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Poll: Are these the names of the brothers? (62 votes)

Yes, Naya and Nayi 55%
No, it means Big Bro and Little bro 31%
Neither (OP's note: pffft, yeah right) 15%

I've rarely seen this discussed in talks about the game. I'm sure those of you who played it must have noticed that the younger brother called out "Naya" to the elder, and the elder called out "Nayi" to the younger. What's your interpretation of this? It could easily mean Big Bro, Little Bro, but I'd rather think that it's their names.

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Their names are Lefty and Righto.

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Their names are Game Of and The Year

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Better question: Are you still a "brother" when your only sibling dies?

Massive end-game spoilers, by the way.

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@development said:

Better question: Are you still a "brother" when your only sibling dies?

Massive end-game spoilers, by the way.

Nayaaa nnnoooo :(.....[LT] :O

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I thought their names were Rod and Todd.

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Pete & Pete.

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Yeah, because I'm pretty sure you hear one of the parents call them by that word at some point as well.

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Their names are Lefty and Righto.

"Blondie" and "Brownie".

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@hunter5024 said:

Their names are Lefty and Righto.

"Blondie" and "Brownie".

No wonder the spider lady wanted to eat them.

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@ramone: It's common for parents to refer to their kids using the same words the kids use to refer to each other. Because of the common root, I'd assume they mean "big bro'" and "little bro'".

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@evo: Name 10 better games than Pete and Pete: A tale of two sons.

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Seriously, I can only name a few. Brothers is top 5.

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@starvinggamer: I think the doctor-guy that's treating the father calls him Nayi at the end.

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@doskias: The same thing can apply to family friends depending on the culture, especially when speaking to younger children.

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Their names are Nyaa and Naiee. From an interview:

DK: Nice! So, what can you tell us about these two brothers and their quest to retrieve the "Water of Life" in an effort to save their father? What are their names and how are they different in terms of personality and play style?

JF: The idea with brothers is to try to let the player interpret everything in the game. That's why I don´t want to go into too much detail of how they behave and what their quest is really about. Their names are said in the game but that's also not very important. With that said, it's also important to clarify that the differences between the brothers is not so much about the game mechanics rather about the way they react to the world and how they interact with the characters they meet.

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