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So I decided to play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and I am loving it. To play it, I'm using a PS3 controller and it has been working fine...untill recently.

I'm at the part where they tie a rope to each other and you have to swing them across gaps and stuff. It had been going fine till the last jump at the tower. For some really weird, frustrating reason I CANNOT make this last jump. He just will not swing high enough, and I spent hours looking for a solution and swinging back and forth. I tried with the keyboard and it still wasn't working.

I really want to finish this game on my own, and If i could just get past this one single part it would be a lot of help. Maybe if I could get someone's save file and then skip to the part I am at? Or if anyone has an answer to these weird issue.

Thank you!

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Go to about 7 minutes (I think this is what you're referring to). You are over thinking it

#3 Posted by Nixoney (19 posts) -

It's actually right at 5:30. The little brother just will not swing high enough to reach the next peg. I saw a lot of video's where they have them swinging much higher than I did. I just hadn't need them to go that high until that part.

Ugh this is stupid.

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Hey I am having the same issue just on PC did you solve it? If yes tell me how...


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