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A unique control scheme leads to a heartfelt binding of storytelling and mechanics like no other 0

Swedish developers Starbreeze Studios are certainly known for their creativity and lauded penchant for taking risks with established genres. A single-player co-operative story based adventure, however, is one innovation you probably wouldn’t have expected from them, or anyone else for that matter. It’s certainly a curious direction and one that gives Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons an inherent inquisitiveness. But it’s the accomplished elements that surround its core mechanical conceit that will dr...

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It may have a few clunky edges, but Brothers is absolutely worth seeing through 0

Summer of Arcade has brought the gaming populace many great downloadable games over the last few years. It stands to reason that these games would still have existed in some form or another without the promotion, but Microsoft’s focus on getting the best of the best in its summer lineup of Arcade games has landed them some truly fantastic products and highlighted many superb games that absolutely deserved. Being the last year of Summer of Arcade before the new Xbox console, Microsoft really need...

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Forgetable switch-puzzles in fairy tale land 1

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is best described as a single player coop game. You get two control two brothers on their adventures through a Fable'ish world. What sets this game apart is that it doesn't employ character switching similar puzzle games, like say Lost Vikings, would do, but instead gives you control of both brothers at the same time. One brother is controlled with the left stick, the other with the right one. The triggers are used to interact with the environment and LB/RB are used...

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A beautiful story created with a controller in mind, there's nothing else quite like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 0

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a 3rd person adventure game with light action elements from Swedish developer Starbreeze studios. Developed in collaboration with filmmaker Josef Fares, Brothers is a game that roots itself in simple, clever mechanics that takes the player through one of the most finely realized fairy tale worlds seen in recent memory.In Brothers you take control of the two titular brothers who leave their hometown on a quest to find…something that will cure their ailing father. T...

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review. 0

I like being surprised, I go into each year in the hope another uniquely stunning game might remind me of how wonderful and emotionally touching video games can be. We are surrounded by the norm, and don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the norm. I like a good first-person shooter like the next guy, but over the past couple of years I've realized that the game that truly stick with me are the games that tug at my heartstrings, gives me goosebumps and makes me appreciate just how magical vi...

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A touching story and a unique concept make Brothers well worth checking out 0

On top of being a thoroughly enjoyable and charming experience, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons feels like a demo for an interesting concept: single-player co-op. A concept that may sound too messy to work, but an excellent control scheme allows it to work. A highlight of this year’s somewhat smaller “Summer of Arcade” line-up Brothers offers a touching story delivered in a very unique way for only $15, almost sounds too good to be true.Art style trumps technical power here The whole concept of thi...

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A touching storyline combined with a unique controller scheme makes Brothers well worth checking out 0

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by Swedish development studio Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games is a touching story of two brothers who are on a quest to save their sick father.In the introductory montage it's revealed that the younger brother carries the burden of grief by watching their mother die in a boating accident while not being able to save; the older who seems like the stronger sibling provides as the constant throughout the 2 hour experience.Retailing at $15 on Steam (manage...

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Two Brothers, One Controller 0

How far would you go to save someone you love?Modern gaming is full of worn-out tropes. We have seen the all-American hero, the damsel in distress, the amnesiac; even the game mechanics themselves have become cliches in a sense. Anyone with even a limited knowledge of how games work can pick up a controller, blast away the invading hordes of the ravenous dead, and ultimately save the universe.Starbreeze Studios and Swedish film director Josef Fares are attempting to change how we think about gam...

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A perfect little gem of a game, small in scope and better for it. 0

Brothers' scope is decidedly small. A young man and an even younger man trying to save their father's life by adventuring the world may not exactly be small stakes, but that's relative. Compared to most world or universe in peril plots or games that take on armies or aliens, Brothers can seem quaint. It's also short and cheap and light on plot, characters and even controls. Even the central mechanic - its unique control scheme - is a simple one, but therein lies the rub: Brothers has so many one...

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Short but very very sweet 0

This is a game that really takes you for an emotional ride. The experience only last for about 3 - 4 hours, but its very engaging, and I was tearing up by the end of the game.The first game that I was reminded of while playing through Brothers is Journey for the PS3. It has fantastic art direction, is short, has a similar feel and gameplay, and really packs the same kind of emotional punch. This game is not co-op. You control each of the brothers with one of the analog sticks. Each of the b...

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A Moving and Beautiful Journey Through A Haunting Fairytale 0

With a moving story and exceptional presentation, Brothers is a fine addition to the recently expanding list of short, simplistic indie games with a focus on narrative and tone. While maybe not quite as brilliant and Journey or Gone Home, Brothers is still an incredible game that is absolutely worth playing. At its core, Brothers is a puzzle game, although the puzzles are not the focus of the experience. Instead, Brothers doubles down on its unique control mechanics which mirror the themes of th...

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Video Review for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 0

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from Starbreeze Studios is a third-person puzzle/adventure game with a unique control scheme (you really need a controller for this experience) and a powerful narrative. It is also one of the best looking games built on the Unreal 3 engine. For more check out my Video Review....

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Brothers is a classical Grimm brothers' fairytale, and it's that grim vision that makes it shine 0

There are sights to be seen, many self-contained stories to take part in, and how that all works together with the larger narrative is what makes it such a special experience. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a brief, but stirring adventure across a magical world.The entire story is told without dialogue, and instead uses gestures and mumbling tones to express emotion and provide a broad stroke idea of what’s happening and how the characters feel about it. Two brothers must journey to find a cure...

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Excellent experience - emotional impact 0

Enjoyed this, not sure there are 10 games better than this in 2013 ;-).An interesting control scheme, lovely art design and a great narrative with some real impact. I know a lot of people have said to play this on one sitting, but I played it in about four, over the course of a month or so - still a great experienceGrab it on Steam now!...

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a charmer; unless of course, you aren't charmed by it. 0

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has it all. A beautiful fantasy setting, innovative control scheme and heartfelt story. Right? Well, I suppose one could make such claim, but doing so would be ignoring the many issues present in the game. Brothers is yet another game that I refer to as a "charmer". Used much in the same way someone would refer to Spelunky as a Roguelike instead of a 2D Platformer, I would refer to Costume Quest as a charmer instead of a traditional RPG. A charmer is a game th...

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