Awkward timing in the midst of all these other games.

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I had just finished this game for the first time, while I ironically had it since its release on 360 and PS3. I remember playing it on PS3 last year and getting to the second to the last stage, but quit and never played it again, while back on its release I had gotten half way through on 360 but didn't play it again till a few days ago. I beat it on 360 a few minutes ago. I really enjoyed the ending because it was quite emotional when Matt Baker had to tell Red about how he was paralyzed from waist down, and was going home to his wife and child (would you consider me spoiling it?).

I don't feel like a lot of other people played this game, but if you have, what did you think from what you remember? My other question that's a bit more important is are they going to make a sequel off Hell's Highway, because at the end of it, it said "To Be Continued", making us believe the next place Matt Baker and his squad will be heading is into a snowy setting. I hope someone here enjoys Brothers in Arms well enough to post their thoughts, because I have the feeling no one cares too much about it now since it is relatively old news, other than the E3 debut trailer for the Inglorious Basterds-like game.

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@NTM: I've played through all three titles (played Earned in Blood a long time ago, the others recently after getting them for cheap off Steam) and found Hell's Highway to be a disappointment. The way the narrative is handled is mostly well-done and the characters are likable but I felt the formula of suppress then flank had become stale, namely because there wasn't significant evolution in the series and it needed some to keep up with some of the best shooters currently available. The mandatory solo FPS and vehicle sections felt forced and just seemed like a weak attempt to make Brothers in Arms more like other shooters. Although I'd like to see the game remain tactical hopefully the new one will add some changes.

I know I'm sounding down on it, and it's kind of disappointing that no shooters get recognition unless they're from the couple of big names, but the last game was out quite a few years ago and probably wasn't quite good enough to leave a lasting impression. Maybe Gearbox has enough of a following now for that to change.

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@owl_of_minerva: Yeah same, though I have them on the original Xbox. I agree with you on all the things you say. My biggest problem with it though, is that there wasn't enough original aspects to it (I guess you can say), and it stuck mostly to getting behind cover and shooting guys in an open field until the next stage. I liked when you would go in the hospital or the burning building alone and do something. I really thought the game felt great, but I acknowledge its faults.

Why do you think I haven't beaten it for so long? Ha ha. It turned out to be a great game than I initially thought, but not with too much replay value 'cause I can't see myself playing it again. If everything in the game was simply one step better, it would have been an amazing game, and maybe one of my favorite shooters of all time. I just want to make it clear to you that I don't think it's a perfect game, and I'm somewhat on the same page as you.

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What is going on with this BIA HH necromancy????

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What is going on with this BIA HH necromancy????

Apparently that JackCourtland guy keeps bumping these threads because he's either bored, bonkers, or both?

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@believer258: Dude, I know Hell's Highway (PC, of course) can be frustrating at first, but it really turns around and... I'm not gonna paraphrase everything.

The weird thing is that this person started out spamming the same thing, but the recent two have been on topic. Does this really alleviate boredom for some people? Or does Hell's Highway really turn around THAT much?

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I think it's some time-displaced viral marketing.

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