supakoopatroopa's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (PlayStation 3) review

Hell's Highway is Shooter Heaven

This game started out kind of odd, with controls that were hard to get used to. After a while you won't notice, but you'll get all mixed up when playing one of your other shooters.

I watched some gameplay videos and didn't know what to think of this game. I thought it was most likely going to suck, but I was wrong.

The game was just so interesting the whole way through. It was like watching Band of Brothers. The combat each level lasted a long time, and it was very challenging to get across the map to your destination. It wasn't another run and gun shooter. Watch out for your team and don't leave your head up too long or get caught out in the open.

The graphics were really good, and the AI was good as well, not as smart as people, but they will take you out if they get the chance.

I felt really accomplished after I beat the game. I kept wanting it to go on, but it did last a long time and each level was different.

The best thing about it is that you can get it cheap off eBay. I think i payed like $17.


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